The Nervous System Series

With Clinical Naturopath Celeste Jones (BHSc) from The Lifestyle Medic Co.

Naturally nurture your nervous system in 3 steps:

  1. Support the gut-brain axis: a bidirectional biochemical pathway from our tummy to our brains that influences neurotransmitter production. Supporting our gut health is a crucial step to having a calm and clear mind.
  2. Activate the parasympathetic nervous system: the rest and digest part of the nervous system.
  3. Regulate cortisol response: our stress hormone.

This series will be broken into 3 little sub-sections: Lifestyle, Nutrition, Supplemental and Herbal, with bite-sized insights for each.

Lifestyle Tips to Support Your Nervous System

  1. Meditation with your legs up the wall 5 – 10 minutes daily: this particular posture is not only supportive of lymphatic drainage and circulation but supports bringing our bodies back into a parasympathetic state. Combine it with meditation and it’s an absolute power combination!
  2. Take 3 deep diaphragmatic belly breaths before each meal: assists in bringing your body’s energy back to digestion (i.e activates the rest and digest nervous system), and builds the habit of breathwork which is a magical tool for staying present and calm!
  3. Refrain from using your phone FIRST thing in the morning: this habit literally ROBS you of sovereignty, therefore, avoiding electronics (especially social media exposure) for at least 30 minutes upon rising and replacing it with a nurturing morning routine instead is a must for mental clarity and zen.

Nutritional Support for Your Nervous System

  1. Increase complex carbohydrates in diet: supports tryptophan uptake in the brain, thus supporting serotonin production.
  2. Eat 1 handful of Australian-grown walnuts mixed with pepitas per day: a dose of omega 3 fatty acids from the walnuts is supportive of reducing neuronal inflammation and enhancing cognition. The pepitas are high in zinc which is an essential pre-cursor and co-factor nutrient needed for brain function.
  3. 1 cup of blueberries per day: super easy to add to your breakfast or into a smoothie! Their amazing antioxidant content has been associated with improvements in mood disorders and mental clarity.
  4. Limit caffeine: think 1 coffee per day, before 12pm but not directly upon rising. Caffeine increases our stress hormone cortisol. Alternatively, try substituting your morning coffee for a matcha latte.

Herbs and Supplementation to Support Your Nervous System that I Frequently Prescribe within a Clinical Setting.

(note: only taken under the supervision of a qualified healthcare practitioner)

  1. Glycine: boosts serotonin and melatonin production. Fantastic if anxiety peaks in the PM and as a result, you have issues with sleep.
  2. L – theanine: supportive of GABA production and provides a calm sustained and stable energy without the adverse effect of drowsiness.
  3. Anxiolytic and adaptogenic herbs: botanicals that have anti-anxiety properties and/or provide neuroendocrine support and the body’s ability to ‘adapt’ to stress.
  4. Psychobiotics: specific strains of probiotics that have shown benefits in mental health.

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