Elise is very attentive, great cues and corrects where needed. Great class for core strength, tone and that booty burn!

This is an amazing class and Elise is an incredible instructor. Fusion class, you never stop working so you couldn’t get bored! The best!

Best mat Pilates class I have ever done, worked on foundation moves to ensure absolute correct alignment and engagement. Felt the burn!

ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! The best Pilates mat class I have ever done!

A challenging class that targeted all the right places! Feeling lean! Thank you Elise!

Super high standard Pilates tutelage with Elise

Loved it. Elise is definitely one of my favourite instructors (of a very long list). Really knows her stuff. Brilliant!

The best Pilates in Perth!

I continue to love coming to MVMT classes and am enjoying the improvements in strength and posture. Elise is a great instructor. She is passionate, positive, articulate & concise. In addition to the actual class I’m enjoying learning about mechanics of the body.

Thanks for your encouragement 🙂

I have really really enjoyed the 3 class taster and getting to understand Pilates. I love how it uses the body for strength & leverage and am looking forward to improving and seeing some positive body shape changes. I can’t believe how quickly an hour passes.

I started MVMT 1 month ago and already I can’t live without it. I love feeling my muscles burn (especially my butt) and it’s exactly what I needed to get back in shape. To top it off, Elise has great energy and a beautiful smile.

MVMT provides a healthy mother – daughter tribe. I love the commitment, discipine and the professional gentle ways classes are run.

I started MVMT wanting to regain strength and flexibility after stopping Ballet due to injury. I’ve become obsessed and can’t get enough of the toning and strengthening techniques you guys have developed.

Describe MVMT in 4 Words? Innovative, challenging, dynamic and FUN

I’ve been enjoying the classes so much, honestly never looked forward to a workout before and now I do.

Elise is such a passionate and inspiring instructor, who is always gentle and thoughtful in the way she teaches. Her classes have become a very important part of my routine.

I must compliment Elise for her professionalism on every level, the marketing of The Movement Society and her commitment to her clients in class.  I have discovered muscles I haven’t used for some time and thoroughly enjoy the classes.

I’m so glad I found Elise and The Movement Society. They truly are the best pilates classes I have ever been to, I am loving it!  I am feeling so good already and it’s only been a few week. I can’t wait for more.

I can’t believe how strong/ injury free my body is feeling after just one week. After class I always chat to other clients and we are all raving how good our bodies are feeling. My butt is so sore but in a good way.

I can’t tell you how much I have loved this week at movement – it reminded me why I fell in love with Pilates in the first place. The classes have been amazing and I tried all instructors this week and movement literally has the best team ever! I have had slight pain in my right hamstring for about 6 months now so decided to only stick with doing Pilates and walks this week ( no weights etc like I normally do) and it’s the first time in months my hamstring does not feel sore but instead feels like it’s been strengthened. So thank you! So happy I signed up to binge!

As mums, we often forget about how much our bodies have been through – giving birth, carrying babies and toddlers. We get used to the hip and back pains which resulted from trying to do this while we to carry shopping bags as well as push the pram or stir the pot on the stove. Elise’s classes really address these body inefficiencies which as we age, can cause more long-term movement problems and aches and pains. So it’s great to be in class with other mums who just get how that feels/felt!

I have thoroughly enjoyed the variation in both Elise’s classes and have seen results really quickly. I’m more conscious of how I move as Elise emphasizes the subtle changes we can all make to improve our daily movement and posture. My butt and thighs have noticed the “pain” in class leads to stronger “longer” muscle appearance and a far better look in the leggings!

In a completely relaxed, non-pressured environment, it’s easy to enjoy the class amongst similar minded people at different stages of life but all wanting the same thing result – better movement, better look. With limited class numbers Elise is able to identify and correct individual movements to maximize results. She can pick an open hip, a rotated knee, a hyperextended elbow and help to make that tiny change which makes the exercise more efficient and more beneficial to each one of us. I’m amazed at how I don’t get those nagging lower back or neck aches anymore as I’ve learnt to hold myself better and have improved core strength. And with the work we do up on toes, my plantar fasciaitis has improved incredibly.

And importantly, Elise cares about her members; before class she always checks if there are any injuries or aches and pains (which we all get!) so she can attend accordingly through class.

I like to book the “mums” classes in blocks so that I’m committed to twice each week and it is part of my routine. I’m even going to do the 3x a week block now as she has had to add classes due to the high demand. This is testament to Elise’s enthusiastic approach to her classes making us all want more!


“The MVMT method is completely unique to anything I have done before. The MVMT challenge structure means that you really progress from start to finish, and without noticing, each week you get better and better. You then look in the mirror 12 weeks later and you can see that difference in your body. Sometimes in class, you will think that you have one of the moves down pat and you are at your limit for it, and then Elise will introduce a new variation that pushes you further. And other times, you will have been struggling to go to the full variation for a move, and then all of a sudden you can do it with ease. Every time I go to class, I get something new out of it. And it’s fun. The same people always come back to the class, which speaks to how good it is.”

“I’ve had a lot of sporting injuries over the years and my rehab first introduced me to Pilates in 2004. I have stopped and started doing Pilates over time, however, since I started practising under Elise’s guidance 12 months ago, it’s a twice a week minimum commitment for me. Elise has the ability to really understand the body and how to correct your movement giving you consistent improvement. There is no plateau under Elise’s instruction, she has an endless repertoire of positions and articulates them clearly. I feel my movement just keeps improving and this benefits everything I do.”