I recommend Movement Society to everyone I can! The variety of classes is insane! Each class has a sequence that is so thoughtfully put together that it tricks you into wanting more even when you’re feeling lazy. 

Elise’s cueing is always so precise and smart I could do the classes with my eyes closed, and there is a range of lengths of classes that I can always find a way to fit one in. 

When I became pregnant it was the only workout I did and I credit Elise and her classes for a speedy postpartum recovery and a much stronger core I could have anticipated! 

When I gave birth and was cleared to workout, it was the first workout I did. I felt safe knowing Elise was guiding me throughout my recovery. I am about 5 months postpartum and feeling so strong taking care of my 17 pound baby! I felt taken care of by Elise throughout this journey and am forever grateful! 

Taken care of by Elise from across the world in San Francisco!