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Side Sizzle in Seven with Slick

with Elise

Awww I filmed this a few months ago when my bestie was healthy and thriving. I just did this and it made me cry, but also smile at his bum grazing, licking and overall cuteness. Feeling grateful to have all these beautiful video memories. Losing a pet is HEARTBREAKING. x

I wanted a quick add-on workout to motivate me to side plank (and stretch my spine). Side planks are the OG for the core. They are one of the most effective and safest core-strengthening exercises. Best served with delicious mobility exercises on each side. It is hard to make time to “stretch and mobilise” but it's integral for spinal health and generally releases tension and makes you feel good. I find when sandwiched with some “strength” - it motivates me more. Basically, I want some side waist/abs to go with my nimble spine. Shallow but smart. haha.

The flow goes.
1. Quick Book Openings (to open the chest and improve thoracic (upper-back) rotation).
2. Side Plank Set (to strengthen your core, waist, shoulder - while primarily an “oblique” targeted exercise I would argue it’s full body!)
3. Mermaid (to reset, lengthen and opens the side body and hips).

Enjoy the side effects! x

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