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Back Bonus

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

8-Minute Prone Perfection #lookingforbetterposture

Side note: This "Prone Upper-back extension flow" was supposed to be part of my live zoom. (I ran over and filmed the series separately). Add it to the end of my latest Zoom and/or use it as a standalone workout or "posture fix" quickie for anyone wanting to build more upper-back strength.When you think Pilates, you probably think core strength but back-body strength is SO important. This series layers in the challenge. One of many ways we will train you to protect your lower back and build upper back strength and stability safely. Plus when done correctly you are effectively using your "core" to stabilise your lower back and move from / target your upper-back muscles. No props - just your mat. *Warning: I filmed it just as the light changed (joys of home filming) and so went for a super edgy "vintage filter" to try and disguise the bad lighting. Luckily your gaze will be at the mat (not the film) for the entire series.

This is prenatal friendly for as long as you are comfortable lying on your stomach. :)

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