Sculpt 3.0 - Fiery Full Body Wall Flow - The Movement Society

Sculpt 3.0 - Fiery Full Body Wall Flow

Sweat & Sculpt
with Elise

Fun (and fiery) full-body Pilates flow at the wall with optional glute stretch at the end.

I wasn't even supposed to be filming BUT I was inspired by this flow we did in the studio and had FOMO. It's predominately at the wall (because I'm crushing hard on wall chorey atm) but starts with bridging on the mat (because my spine felt tight and I wanted to turn on glutes for the standing series to follow).

Highlight reel:
~ Bridging warm-up on the mat
~ Cheeky Band Walks
~ Reformer "style" Wall Squats
~ Standing Push-ups 3 Ways
~ Glute Stretch at the wall (optional + encouraged)

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