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No Props Full Body in 40

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

No Props, No Problem (Full-Body) in 40

I was going to keep the workout description super cool and mysterious. But then also wanted to remember what was in this 40-Minute Full Body Pilates Flow. Some (of many) highlights below. LMK how you go with this no-prop flow! You can reference the flow later, just press play and enjoy working your entire body from head to toe. x

On the menu:
⚡Abs. Chest lift builds into "reformer" style abs.
Bridging. Wowsa does a leg position make a difference. Hello, inner-thighs.
⚡Triceps 3 Ways. If someone asks whether you can do a one-armed tricep dip, you can say yes.
⚡Prone W - T - Dart. Ok, I am obsessed with this sequence. You need space to be able to open your arms to the side. Low-impact- targetted upper-back strengthening (with a fun single-arm challenge at the end).
⚡Sidelying & Quadruped. Simple butt (get it) effective.
⚡Side Planks, Mermaid & Book openings. They are essential to anything full body.
⚡Pigeon Push-ups. If a pigeon stretch and a push-up had a baby, it would be this cute move.

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