In Studio 8 - Glider Girl - Movement Society

In Studio 8 - Glider Girl

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

This in-studio 40 Minute full-body workout showcases the gliders. You will use them on your hands, heels, and toes and the slide effects are real! This layers in some more complex choreography, challenge and spice. You got this!


I wanted this studio flow to use just the gliders. We get creative and showcase how much spice these little discs can invite. Expect to see a twist on some moves you know and love. I love sliding (no pun intended) some gliding moves into a class but this is the first I have used them for EVERY exercise and an ENTIRE class. There is more I have been playing with, so if you are wanting more make sure to let me know!

EQUIPMENT: 2 gliders and your mat. You could substitute gliders for a small towel (hardwood floors) or a plastic tub lid (carpet).

Elise x

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