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Upper Body + Posture - Strength and Length Duo

with Elise

Upper body workout that combats posture. Strengthen your upper body whilst improving your posture and mobility.

Standing and Mat Duo designed to strengthen your upper body AND combat tech neck, improving mobility in your back, shoulders, and chest. My triceps were quivering by the end… loved being rewarded with the spine-melting mobility finisher.

You will need your long band and ball. (35 Minutes)

Upper body focussed workout with a focus on reversing all of the tightness and tension we create and feel from our day-to-day activities. So it’s a really nice balance between opening and lengthening AND strengthening the upper body. If you feel tight through your chest, neck, and shoulders and feel as if your posture has taken a toll over the years you are not alone. This workout combats those problems by strengthening the often neglected muscles of the upper body as well as increasing mobility in areas of the spine that lose it (upper back, shoulders, chest).

I created a safe-for-all-trimester prenatal version which you can access here.

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