Burn Zone Arms 2 - RIP Triceps - Movement Society

Burn Zone Arms 2 - RIP Triceps

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

Straight to the burn zone (RIP triceps). Push yourself to the limits with this equipment-free upper body burner. You are using your body as your equipment in this one. This levels up Burn Zone Arms 1 by adding a prone upper-back and arm finisher. Wowza to 4 tricep moves in a row!

It's now a Tricep Quatro! Single Arm Side Triceps, Seated Triceps, Quadruped Push-ups and Prone Arm Burner. RIP TRICEPS.

🤱Postnatal safe.
🤰Prenatal - perform the prone series kneeling once you don't feel comfortable lying on your stomach.

Burn Zone Arms 3 Coming Soon

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