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Holiday Yoga

with Sophie

Dynamic Yoga encourages a faster-paced flow, that links the breath with each movement encouraging you to flow from one pose to the other, mimicking the rhythm of the inhale and exhale. The sequence of postures may be more creative, and transitions between the postures more challenging. There will be less of an emphasis on alignment, and a focus more on cultivating strength and building heat within the internal body.  There will also be an opportunity to focus on some of the more challenging arm balances and peak poses in Dynamic flow.

This class balances strengthening the upper back with lengthening the chest and shoulders. We begin breaking down chaturanga (push up) and teaming that with a prone chest stretch. We mix up side-angle pose with a bind and neck stretch and enjoy so many different ways of releasing tight and stuck fascia in the mid to upper back with playful new variations throughout. The perfect potion for tech neck and post-natal nursing! 

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