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A New Theme Each Week

Each week we will challenge you by changing the class focus.
Because movement should be exciting and fun.
You are welcome to drop in anytime and play.



On the 12th Week to Christmas, Movement Gave to Me… 

Join us as we count down to Christmas. Each week we introduce a fun new theme. Join us for the all or any of the classes over the next 12-Weeks. Everything counts, each and every class is going to help prepare you (and your 🍑) for the silly season ahead.

On the 12th week to Christmas MVMT gave to me… 12 Repetitions.

12 of every exercise (including sideplanks) is a fun way to kick off the Christmas countdown. 12 opportunities to improve, let each and every repetition be better than the last.

On the 11th week to Christmas MVMT gave to me…  Layers.

Pretty much sums up the way we teach. We always start with building a strong “foundation” then layer in the level of challenge. A layer is an invitation to progress for those who want more. Building on “layers by layer” allows you to work at a “layer” or level that suits you and your body. It also demonstrates how each layer can build on the last. The stepping stones to more complex movements. #layersforlife

On the 10th week to Christmas MVMT gave to you…  The MVMT Loop and Ball (our secret weapons).
Some of many ways these Pilates Props will transform your workouts.
Shop Toning Tools – www.mvmtsociety.com.au

On the 9th week to Christmas MVMT gave to you…  Perfect Posture.

Modern lifestyle conspires against good posture. Basically, it is about reversing everything we do during the day (sit, text, slouch etc). 9 (in reverse) is a P. Making Posture (the back of the body) a very fitting theme for this week.

The secret to better posture – moving your spine in every direction. Restoring mobility in areas of the spine that get stiff from our sedentary lifestyles is key. Compensation for lack of mobility is one of the primary causes of pain in areas like the lower back, shoulders and knees. So we mobilise the areas that need it, and learn to stabilise the areas that tend to move too much (like the lower back).

We place a huge focus on strengthening the areas of the back body (which are often weak and neglected), which in turn lengthen the areas at the front (which are often tight and overused). So our obsession with the peach isn’t purely superficial. We want you to benefit from strong glutes, open hips and a strong core.

Here are some delicious mobility exercises that will improve your posture #mouthwateringmobility #sodelicious

On the 8th week to Christmas MVMT gave to you… LEGS.

It’s Halloween and I feel like MURDER. Legmurder.

On the 7th week to Christmas MVMT gave to you… 7 Deadly Positions.

There are seven sins that they call deadly. So we created seven positions that are deadly. Abs – 7 Positions. Bridging – 7 Positions. Every Movement will be served up seven ways – and they will be deadly.

Forgive me Father, For I Will Sin. #7deadlysins #sinforthepins #7weekstillchristmas

On the 6th week to Christmas MVMT gave to you… 6 Pack Abs.

On the 5th week to Christmas MVMT gave to you… 5 Letters (Peach).

On the 4th week to Christmas MVMT gave to you… 4 prop-based quarters.

There are four weeks to go, and we have four props. Imagine next week’s class like a Pizza Quattro Stagioni. Like the Pizza, it has four sections with 4 diverse ingredients.

On the 3rd week to Christmas MVMT gave to you… 3-Week Binge.

Celebrate 3 Years of MVMT with a 3-Week Binge (timed perfectly, as we have 3 weeks til Christmas).

On the 2nd week to Christmas MVMT gave to you… 2 Strong Arms.

On the final week to Christmas MVMT gave to one Merry Liitmas.

LIIT or Low Impact Interval Training comprises supersets or 1-minute intervals back to back. No rest between sets.
The difference is the exercises we choose are still low-impact and joint-friendly. The goal is to deliver the high-intensity burn with low-impact exercises. This will build, not break you. While everyone else is Hiit-ing a wall, we are getting LIIT.


We wanted to share the 10-Week Challenge experience with the world. Experience the benefits of getting 10-Weeks stronger – and enjoy how much fun a new theme each week is.

The best part of purchasing the online version is unlimited access to the workouts. Each episode has been designed based on a weekly theme. We love that a theme not only gives a workout focus, it effectively challenges you and your body in different ways. Keeping movement fresh and fun, while still building the skills, strength and flexibility so that you become 10-Weeks Stronger.


22|01|18 – 01|04|18

Week 1 – The Peach

Because after the Christmas festivities – what better way to kick-start your 10-Week Summer Sculpt-a-thon than with a week dedicated to the peach. Discover how strengthening your backside will also lengthen the front side.

You can now join us online. The first episode is a 30-Minute Peach focussed workout using the MVMT Loop, Ball & Gliders.

Week 2 – The Ball

Episode 2 is dedicated to the MVMT Ball. We wanted to share some new and creative ways to use the MVMT ball. One of the most versatile (and essential) props from our Toning-Toolkit. If stranded on a desert island and only had to pick one… it would be the MVMT Ball*. Learn why the MVMT Ball is a must-have toning weapon. Pair this with Hello Abs, Meet MVMT Ball & Oh-My-Side for a full 60-minute workout. Get your TTK here.
You can now join us online. Get ready for all the ways we are going to ball-ow your mind. Get entire Summer Pass for just $59.00.

Week 4 – Stability

Week 5 – Mobility

Week 6 – 50:50

Week 7 – Abs & Arms

Week 8 – Legs

Week 9 – Endurance

Week 10 – Challenge



04|0|18 – 10|06|18

Autumn Episode 1 – Abs

Autumn Episode 2 – Abs & Ass

Autumn Episode 3 – Abs, Ass & Arms

Autumn Episode 4 – Legs

Autumn Episode 5 – Balance

Autumn Episode 6 – Back Body

Autumn Episode 7 – Gravity

Autumn Episode 8 – Endurance

Autumn Episode 9 – Arms

Autumn Episode 10 – Challenge




For anyone stuck in a rut. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut. This is a shoutout to anyone needing a little extra motivation. We are going from Rut to Strut.


We need to take a moment and reflect on the past 20 amazing themes. This week we are giving you the best of the Summer and Autumn 10-Week Challenges. 

Inspired by the fact we are going to be in LA next week. This week we turn up the burn (so we can sneak in some extra sculpting) and so that you are sore enough to not miss us while we go.

This weeks inspiration is Polestar Pilates. We are all trained and certified through Polestar, the world’s leading Pilates teacher training.

Inspired by our recent trip to the USA. We share new moves, knowledge and the best of what we experienced on our recent trip to the USA. Including our guest appearance on Pilates Anytime, attendance of the World IdeaFit Convention in San Diego, and the countless classes we did in New York and LA.

Our sold-out masterclass “below the belt” is now available online.



13|11|17 – 22|12|17

Week 1: Back to Basics

The perfect way to start our 6-Week MVMT journey. Learn the basics, or refine your skills with a week designed to inspire, educate and improve how you move.

We always start with a movement at its most basic level. We then invite layers of invitation. Each layer an invitation for when you want more. This week – we spend a little extra time on the “nitty gritty” with the aim of building a really strong foundation. Making the little changes that have the biggest results.

Sometimes the best place to start is at the beginning.

Drop in anytime and play.

Week 2: Legs

Adding a little extra “lower-body” to week 2. The video says it all.

Drop in anytime and play anytime.

Week 3: Arms

Because you deserve toned arms to go with your strong legs.

Arms week – but with a twist.

It is a game. One rule. Don’t drop the prop. Every exercise will use MVMT props in a way that layers in an upper-body challenge. Think of all the exercises we do (bridging, core, side-plank) – and then imagine all the fun ways we will challenge your arms – (band around the forearms, gliding disc arms, push-ups between pulses, toning balls with abs, side planks and Scooter.

Drop in anytime and play anytime.

Week 4: Core

You have secretely been working our next theme the whole time. Get ready Abs, we are ready.

Drop in anytime and play anytime.

Week 5: back Bodu

Week 5 is the back of the body. Modern lifestyle conspires against good posture, so we are fighting back with smarter movement. Extra attention to strengthening the back of the body, and lengthening the front of the body this week. #postureandthepeach

Drop in anytime and play anytime.


21|08|17 – 10|11|17

Discover the influence of your body position on strength, stretch, and control – by performing similar movements in ALL positions. We keep the “movement” the same. But change the orientation*  [Standing, sidelying, prone (stomach), supine (on your back), seated…)

You will notice that orientation can be used to your advantage. Taking an exercise into a “gravity-assisted” orientation is a beautiful way to prepare your body. Think of the push-up. (An exercise often prescribed way too early). You can build the appropriate strength and perfect technique needed against the wall first. Practise what the movement should feel like in a position of support. Build the appropriate strength (and feel the correct muscles working). Because – when something is too hard. You can’t learn, refine or change. You practise bad strategy (or hurt yourself).

It can also be a way to challenge a movement. Time to befriend gravity.

Watch Video. 

What about when we change the speed. Does faster make an exercise harder? Is it easier to move slower? Time to find out. Let’s play with the influence of tempo.

Pretty much sums up the way we teach.

We always start with building a strong “foundation” then layer in the level of challenge. A layer is an invitation to progress for those who want more. Building on “layers by layer” allows you to work at a “layer” or level that suits you and your body. It also demonstrates how each layer can build on the last. The stepping stones to more complex movements.

Elise is away… so Rhiannon will play.  – ARMS.

She has chosen to sprinkle in a little extra upper-body.

FACT: “changing from one foot position to another requires coordination and balance”
QUESTION: Do you walk? Maybe reach for a towel from the shower. Tie your shoe.
If you answered Yes. You need balance and coordination. Lucky for you – we are going to through in a strong core, glutes and arms for free.

MVMT Props will be your weapons of Ass Construction. This week is all about the Peach.

CONGRATS! We are over halfway. You deserve some extra length to go with your strength.

We will start with mobility. Creating more length and freedom where we are tight and stiff.
Then – we will use that newfound length to build strength in the areas that are a little weaker.
Finally – we will stretch out the muscles we just worked.

Visualise it as a sandwich.

Filling 1. Restore Mobility.
Filling 2. Strengthen.
Filling 3. Lengthen.
Filling 4. Restore.
Filling 5. Strengthen.
Filling 6. Lengthen.


Restoring mobility first. Strengthen second. Lengthen (stretch) third. Repeat.

Core control means wayyyyyy more than just abs. Control, alignment and awareness – which requires mobility, length and practise. So basically everything.

There is just one rule… don’t stop. It is all about endurance this week.

This Week is not a thing, more an “inspired-by” ballet.

We used the new Instagram polls and put week 11 in your hands. We put it to a vote. You chose the PEACH!

For your final week of Spring – we take a stand.

Transitioning moves from the mat to a more “upright and functional” environment.  Gotta keep you on your toes. We will combine everything we have learned with a little extra standing work – so we all finish a little taller, upright and vertical.