Your plan for staying accountable and inspired.

Picking your fave spicy workout got you scrolling for too long? Working towards a goal? Feeling like when you can’t figure out what show to watch on Netflix?


MVMT programs have been created to bring structure to your at-home workouts, we do the choosing for you, so you know you’re getting great balanced MVMT every time.

New plans launch regularly, so keep watching this space!

Peach Perks

Strong and peachy glutes in just 7 days with short sessions all under 30 minutes. This 7-day peach party is one you won’t want to miss!

Duration: 7 Days
Focus: Glutes
Download: Worksheet


30 Days of MVMT

Habits are created in under 30 days, so create a habit your body and mind will love you for. You choose the workout – even if you’ve only got 5 minutes this is achievable!

Duration: 30 Days
Focus: Full Body
Download: Tracker


5 Day Reset

Struggling to motivate yourself? We’ve created a no-prop program that makes it easy to start moving again. It’s fun, full-body, for people of all fitness levels.

Duration: 5 Days
Focus: Full body mobility & stability
Download: Checklist


The MVMT Experience

Set aside 40-60 minutes each day to get a full taster of all of our signature MVMT class styles. Guaranteed to leave you feeling your strongest.

Duration: 7 Days
Focus: Full Body
Download: Checklist


12 Day Nourish

Help your body thrive through the shift into the cooler months with Nutritionist Steph Geddes, as we nourish your body inside and out.

Duration: 12 Days
Focus: Full Body
Download: Checklist


Abs on Fire

A strong core is the foundation of a well-functioning body. 15-30 minutes a day for 5 days and this one will leave you feeling like you’ve got abs of steel like Arnie.

Duration: 5 Days
Focus: Core
Download: Checklist