Your Virtual MVMT Membership includes:

– 1x Weekly Live-streamed class, where you can recieve real time feedback from your instructor
– A daily workout video added to your library, to access anytime anywhere
– Your say, feedback and support in our private Facebook group

Take a sneak peak at this weeks daily workouts..

Sculpt 2.0 with Elise

Flow with Chloe

Express 2.0 with MVMT Team

Sweat with Holly

Posture with Holly

Arms with Chloe

Stretch with Holly

BONUS 5min Challenge with Elise

“Thanks so much for keeping me updated. MVMT at home has been insane, I’ve done all the workouts and feel stronger and fitter than I ever have. You girls are all so inspirational, and such wonderful people. We are so lucky to have such an amazing resource. Thank you once again.”

“That live session was beautiful, so good to feel part of a group again. Thanks for this virtual MVMT, it’s such a highlight of self-isolation!”

“Obsessed. It’s so good! Also, the playlist is on point. Yay!”

“My first one of your classes, having been a reformer pilates girl, it was great and it was so good to get moving again, thanks so much”

“Virtual MVMT is saving my sanity right now! Loving every workout. Such amazing value for money too! Can’t thank you enough for this!”

“It am addicted. You are so easy to follow, you all speak and guide so well. Thank you for keeping me motivated. I love the session!”

“I’m absolutely loving Virtual MVMT, have done a load of classes, two just yesterday. Thanks so much for your amazing, personal and caring service. You guys are so amazing :)”

“All my Christmas’s have come at once getting to do a full MVMT class in Sydney. Certainly felt your signature burn & loved all the cues. Oh my, I love you.”

“Going awesome thanks, loving it 🙂 I did a zoom with holly the other day, then I signed up for the membership and have done a couple from the Facebook library, found it super easy to navigate!”