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Yin Yoga 1 - Baby got back

with Sophie

Yin Yoga it is a slow practice that offers space for rest and recovery. You will rarely come to standing in a Yin practice, it is almost always done horizontal and only offers only a few postures, held for several minutes each. As you find yourself stationary in a pose for long periods of time, the muscles must be in a relaxed state, so we encourage the use of bolsters, MVMT blocks, the MVMT ball and pillows to bring the floor closer to you and to encourage your body to relax into each pose. Yin is a very calming practice and helps to reduce stress, increase circulation, improve flexibility, release fascia and improve joint mobility. A perfect offering for the evening, or after a dynamic MVMT Pilates class.

This class includes my favourite collection of "go-to" yin postures. For anyone who struggles with tight, overactive back muscles, glutes and hips, this is heaven! We begin seated, connecting to the breath and slowly move into a juicy 4 minute forward fold (Paschimottanasana), where we are encouraged to bend knees and let go of straining and pulling to really allow the body to soften. We progress into wide-legged forward fold series to continue to open the back and sides of the body and the inner thighs. Then I offer a few options to open up the hips. We finish on our backs with gentle twists and a final moment of breathing. Absolute bliss!

Please feel free to use the following playlist to move through your MVMT practice -

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