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Side Plank 2

MVMT Pilates
with Holly

Part 2 of a 3 part series to help you nail side planks. Even some of my most advanced clients tell me how side planks are what they find the hardest in Pilates! So i created a fun 3 part series that will help you grow stronger in all things side plank related.
In part 2 we cover:

  • Awareness of the muscles engaged and correct alignment.
  • Conditioning exercises to build strength and understanding of a successful side plank.
  • Hints, tips and modifications that help you nail a side plank regardless of strength or fitness level.
  • Challenges in the full side plank position.

We want to help you nail your side planks until they feel effortless!
If you find this is enough for you stay with just this level or keep repeating it until you can make it through from start to finish without stopping. Then when you are ready, advance to Side Plank 3, dropping tomorrow! This one feeling a bit much? go back to side plank one, a great workout to one day help you complete this sucessfully!

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