Pulling Power 1 - Movement Society

Pulling Power 1

MVMT Pilates
with Holly

Long band pulling is my favourite exercise in Pilates! Why? Because its benefits filter down to every other part of the body. I always feel my best inside and outside of class when i incorporate pulling. After this 20 minute pulling practice i hope you feel amazing too!

Want a Stronger core? Pulling helps strengthen your posture which is essential for efficient core connections in your day to day life.

Want healthy knees, hips and spine? Pulling is essential to bulid strong posture so supporting muscles of these joints can be both strong and flexible enough to help support them to function properly.

Want a strong peachy glutes? Ever tried squatting with poor posture? Good luck getting your glutes to fire! pulling brings awareness and strength to all the muscles you need for great posture and alignment so your glutes can switch on and get to that burn zone.

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