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Prenatal Yoga - wall, chair and chill

with Sophie

​You will need:

  • Chair
  • Wall
  • MVMT ball or pillow.

Energy level - Low 
Stage of pregnancy - Suitable for all/recommended for third

We begin with spinal articulation to create length in the lower back and connect to the breath, using the wall for feedback. We then move into a wall sit that helps us build strength and endurance in the legs, it's here we trial a few breathing techniques to help prepare for active labour, don't be shy! (See "Birthing skills" by Juju Sundin for more information). We catch our breaths with a standing quad stretch at the wall to release the legs after a hefty hold! 

We move to the chair and use it to help us flow between a supported forward fold and malasana (hindi squat). I love squatting in prenatal yoga, it is a natural birth position, so it opens the pelvis to its widest and creates the perfect angle of descent for the baby in relation to gravity, it also helps to increase the mobility of the pelvic and hip joints and to bring the pelvis into the right postural position in relation to the spine, helping to relieve tension in the lower back. We use the breath and movement to encourage a short moving meditation here, then slow things down in longer holds as we step into pyramid pose. The intention here, in pyramid, is to target the outer hips and glutes, these are often tight in pregnancy, particularly later pregnancy, due to lying on our side during sleep. We continue to release the hips in a seated figure-four stretch, using the wall to support our upper body, encouraging us to go deeper and let go. 

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