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Prenatal Yoga - Bun Salutations

with Sophie

You will need:

  • No props
  • Blocks for forward folding as you progress in your pregnancy.

Energy level - Medium
Stage of pregnancy -Suitable for all, recommended for all

Sun salutations (Surya Namaskar) are a sequence of the same Yoga postures, repeated and used in the warm up of a Vinyasa yoga class. The goal is to help us disconnect from the distractions of daily life, connect to our body and breath and enter a meditative state.

These sun salutations have been adjusted so that they are safe for your entire pregnancy, we eliminate the back bending of upward facing dog and the core loaded "chaturanga" and substitute them for all fours angry cat and a low lunge. 

We start slow, learning the alignment of each posture, then start to layer in the breath and eventually move quite rhythmically through the combination of poses.
The perfect way to start the day! It's a short class, so if you're feeling energetic, I recommend laying it in either before or after another class in the program! 

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