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Pilates Interval Toning

Sweat & Sculpt
with Elise

Low Impact Interval Toning - or getting Liit! Low-impact exercises [that deliver a high-intensity burn] broken into 1 Minute Intervals.

Ever tried interval training? This isn't your typical "high-impact" interval training.  Unlike HIIT, It differs from High-Intensity Interval Training by incorporating low-impact Pilates movement sequences during each interval, making it perfect for all ages and levels.  This is for the super-busy person who wants all the benefits of Pilates combined with the perks of interval training. We carefully chose the best MVMT exercises and sequenced them into 1-Minute intervals. Back-to-back MVMT Bangers brings the heart rate up, body heat high and the full body burn to a new level. It is fun, fast-paced and better the more you do it! Snuck a little extra banger standing series at the end. One of my fav ways to build up a sweat, I hope you love.

Ps. the more you do it, the better it gets because you become familiar with the transitions (which are kind of fast!). xx

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