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Livestream MVMT by Elise

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

Hello Abs and Glutes, You are going to be sore. But I will reward you with a bonus 5-minute stretch (at the end). This isn't the original live-stream, but instead a late stream (and damn I am sore in a good way).We start with a good 15-minutes of the core using the ball. You will feel your lower abs in the first series and your upper-abs and obliques in the second half (the shakes for me were real!!!).We superset some of my fav glute strengthening/hip-opening moves (bridging, "frogs" and standing scooter) before really "finishing off the glutes" with a fun 5-rep only long band rotisserie number. (Get that glute to burn from every angle).We finish with a (well-deserved) spine, leg and glute, stretch so you feel and finish lengthened and strengthened. This is a goodie, enjoy!

You will need:

  • Mat and Toning Toolkit: Ball, Glider, Loop & Long Band
  • Chair or stable surface (for some standing scooter)

Love Elise & Rocky

Ps. Outfit from @exiestudio - created by a Melbourne designer/girl boss (Christina Evie). Def a brand to add to your activewear collection. (Available online stylerunner and x

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