Livestream 28 by Elise - The Movement Society

Livestream 28 by Elise

Live Class
with Elise

37-Minute Peachy Sculpt Latestream Zoom

*We had a #zoomnightmare on Wednesday and so this isn’t live but hopefully makes up for the live audio and video issues!**

We kick it off with some gliding to warm up our peaches and prepare us for the spicy ball under the heel single leg series to come. We then take it to the mat for a double-prop inner & outer thigh bridging duo. Sneak in some lower abs and finish with a peachy quadruped and side-lying superset. This one burns (but in the best possible way)!! Enjoy the perks of not only your peach, but open hips and better posture that come with strengthening the backline of the body!

You will need: Ball, Loop, Glider, Chair & Mat. We are starting standing!

Love Elise, Bub & Slick x

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