Livestream 12 with Elise - The Movement Society

Livestream 12 with Elise

Live Class
with Elise

It is pretty much all booty and core (and rocky!). You could break this zoom into 5 chapters.

1. Standing Scooter (Glutes)
2. Overball Abs (Core, Obliques, Abs)
3. Double Band Bridging (Glutes, Arms)
4. Spicy C-Curve (Core)
5. Quadruped (Upper-Body, Posture, Glutes, Core)

Break each segment into bite-size (spicy) snacks, or binge the lot (extra spicy).

We start standing with what ended up being quite a spicy glider series. Then hit the mat for a core and obliques superset. Back to glutes for a double bridging banger (wow!). Sneak in a spicy c-curve ab flow. Finish with a quadruped series that takes a little upper-body focus to start ("straight arm push-ups" and "Salute" include some new variations) - and then finish with some signature (simple but extremely effective glutes).

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