Livestream 4 with Elise - The Movement Society

Livestream 4 with Elise

Live Class
with Elise

MVMT Livestream 4 by Elise

You will need: MVMT ball, loop, 2 gliders, a chair/stable surface

I wanted this week Livestream to be a nice and glutey one. We start with a "Ballet 1st" or "Narrow Pilates V" Bridging variation (that gets the seat, hamstrings, and calves) shaking. We take this turned-out trend side-lying, prone and four-point kneeling (giving you an all-over glute burn). You will balance the with some upper-back burn before taking a seat and gliding some serious good core burn (ball and gliders = fav!). We then finish standing with one of the best standing exercises of all time (scooter).

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