In Studio 10 - Walk on the wildside - Movement Society

In Studio 10 - Walk on the wildside

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

A good mix of standing and mat moves, using all the props and building an even, full-body burn. Glutes - Arms - Abs - Back - Side - Balance.

The flow goes like this...

  • Band Walks Warm Up
  • Bridging Booty Burn
  • Prone Frogs + Glute
  • Prone Posture + Arms
  • Quadruped - Mobility + Triceps
  • Overball Abs - Quick 5s
  • Standing Arms (Row, Waiter, Flys) love this combo
  • Rotisserie, Side Plank, Book Opening, Mermaid Combo
  • Fun Gliding Balance Finisher

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