HIIIT 1 - Movement Society


Sweat & Sculpt
with Holly

Sculpting tools: chair, mat, loop, long band.

HIIIT has just landed!

HIIIT stands for High Intensity Intelligent Interval Training. We've added the extra “I” is for intelligent. Who says you can’t work hard AND smart? Our goal is to keep you challenged AND safe, helping create bodies that move well and feel good so you can live your life to the fullest!

No more dodgy knee, sore back from lifting big weights or focus on reps over form. Virtual MVMT HIIIT is all about supporting your body where you need it and challenging where you are ready! If regular HIIT scares you this is the perfect place to start - or maybe you're a seasoned HIIIT pro, if so this workout should help you take your understanding and practice to the next level! Refining your MVMT. Ultimately creating a consistent, achievable workout plan that leaves you feeling your BEST! You cant do this one without tunes so make sure you play the Spotify playlist I've added as well and you will love your workout even more.

Let me know how you go in our FB group!

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