Gliding Abs 6 - Seated & Satisified - Movement Society

Gliding Abs 6 - Seated & Satisified

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

We warm up the spine and lower abs with a Pilates c-curve series. To begin we use the support of the arms and the ball between the inner thighs to nail the technique and really connect to your deep abdominal muscles. I invite you to move in a range that challenges you. This series builds up to what I call “spicy c-curve”! If this feels too strong (for now) place the ball behind the lower back for more support.

Part two is my signature gliding series BUT with a twist. We start with extended legs and focus on the “pulling-in” action. It layers the legs, arms and obliques. I love how we build a deep core burn while staying so safe and supported. A satisfying seated abdominal series that I hope you love. X

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