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Barre 1 Technique focus

Sweat & Sculpt
with Holly

Barre 1  (30 minutes)

Woweeee am I excited to share this one with you! Barre is close to my heart because its made me stronger, fitter and more pain free than ever and literally changed my life just like Pilates has.

I want you guys to feel like that too! Want better posture? Barre is your new best friend. Think functional movement and pilates all done with the poise of a Ballerina.

Programmed specifically to take all the great stuff you learn on the mat up to standing and combining it with functional movement patterns and optional cardio throughout.

It is designed to not only create better movement patterns that will naturally start to help everyday movements, but it will leave you a little taller and longer than when you started. I could go on forever about barre... but this is just a small taster of all the great Barre workouts to come so watch this space and get ready to reap the rewards! *Pre natal friendly (no jumping if in 2nd or 3rd trimester)

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