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Baby Got Back

MVMT Pilates
with Holly

STOP RIGHT THERE if you usually avoid back work, hear me out - please read all the way through to the end!

This is short, sweet, salty, spicy back and tricep goodness freshly delivered to your door. Give it a go, come for a swim with me down at Bondi Beach! It's only 15 minutes!

You can expect:

2x prone rounds (prone means laying on your stomach)

2x swimming rounds (literally swimming in bondi with me haha)

2x the fun!Your back and triceps should be on ? in all the right ways.

Sometimes back work can easily be forgotten or avoided ( i know it used to be my least fave exercises when i first started) but with time and lots of practice its easily turned into my favourite part of a Pilates class. Why? because i know how incredible it can make my body feel! In todays life we are always leaning forward and looking down at our phones, computers, food or where we have to go next, an exercises like this balance you body and undo all of those bad habits! Plus, when your back is strong, your posture is usually better and therefor you core works more efficiently day to day. So technically it helps your core work too!Let me know what you think about your back work in our facebook group!

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