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Abs, Obliques & Side Booty

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

Gliding Abs, Obliques, Ass (& a stretch) 30-Minutes. Client Request Alert. (Siren). 

The brief. Gliding Abs, Obliques, Side-Lying Booty, and a quick stretch. 

We start with the ball & gliders for a glider burn fest. We then superset the side using the ball (hello waist, I feel you!). Before bringing out the loop band for a sidelong booty burn. While the discs and band are out (Holly’s idea) we sneak a short plank series before rewarding ourselves with a nice hip stretch. We flip from side to side, prop to prop - but its fun! Just as you burn out in one area, we change to the next. First time teaching (and doing these exercises in a while for me) - a little rusty but had a blast (and really felt the burn!). 

Let me know how you go? This was a client request - so I hope it hit the spot. 

Ps. Keep your requests coming. We love creating content for you. We will always give you a little of what you need (so your body stays strong and balanced) but also what you want. Just know the lines of communication are always open, and we that your feedback is integral to us (good and bad). 

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