Abs Ass Arms in 20 - Movement Society

Abs Ass Arms in 20

MVMT Pilates
with Holly

  • 3 body parts
  • 3 props
  • 3 of my favourite exercises for each area

This is such a great no-frills workout to hit all your favourite areas. Instead of focusing on flow, I wanted to just pick my 3 favourite exercises that I know really hit the spot for each area, so I chose:

  1. Abs - Overball abs. Such a good all rounder to challenge both the deep and superficial abs along with some oblique combinations. The burn is so worth it when you get to lay back over the ball too!
  2. Ass - Wide Bridging with the loop. So. Much. Peach. Burn. Plus you get the benefits of spinal articulation and hip flexor lengthening.
  3. Arms - Standing tricep extension with the long band. Challenging you in all the right areas like the upper back and triceps, plus you get all the postural strength which is great after a day at the desk or for anyone with bad posture.

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