Happy Hour - Movement Society

Happy Hour

MVMT Pilates
with Elise

60-Minute MVMT Challenge. You got this!

Every part of the body gets a turn. We kick-start with Overall Abs "old-school style" - one of my first (and still fav) sequences. We build up in layers. I was shaking! We sneak in some "single-arm inspired" tricep dips before balancing out the core work with some bridging. You will tick the abs, arms and inner-thigh box by the end of part 1.

Then it is a spicy long band, side-lying, side-plank superset - (DW: two extra delicious mobility resets where we hold and breath and it feels AMAZING! It's a total strength and length sandwich.

LOVE this NEW "upper-back" prone series. We use the glider under the hands to target the upper-back and build-up to one of the more challenging Pilates prone exercises "Swimming". It will strengthen your upper-back and challenge your shoulder stability dynamically. My upper-back was on fire in a good way. I thought it was fun.

The grand finale. Ball under the heel single leg series. One of my FAV! I actually love this series. Do a bouncing glute stretch and finish a mindful moment.

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