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A Summer Essential


Take a MVMT class with you, anywhere

We’ve been developing the perfect set of sculpting tools, that deliver a full-body workout on the go. As functional as it is beautiful, the Neoprene bag is big enough (laptop size) to fit your sculpting tools and sweat essentials. It’s light enough to carry everywhere.. and pretty enough to want too.

Inside your Neoprene bag is:

To get you started we have created a five-part MVMT Series. Each segment uses a different MVMT prop.

4 props – 5 workouts, that combine perfectly for a balanced MVMT programme. Covering all ranges of motion and strengthening every part of your body. Combine or try one at a time.

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All the sculpting tools you need, in a bag as functional as it is beautiful.

1.5 Meters resistance band.


 30cm resistance loop.


2 dual-sided gliding discs.


25cm and inflatable via straw.


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Whether you have an hour or just 10 minutes, we’ve got you covered. We paired these workouts together because they target different areas of the body, so when combined they provide a perfectly balanced full-body programme.

Part One: Hello Abs
MVMT Seated Core is our signature core series. We use the MVMT Ball to create balanced strength and length in one single sitting. When an exercise has the ability the open tight chest muscles, create more upper back mobility and strengthening your entire core…you know its a keeper. Hello Abs, Meet MVMT Ball.

Sculpting Weapon: MVMT BALL.

Part Two: “Oh My Thighs”.

Bridging. The exercise that ticks so many boxes it would be a crime to not include it in EVERY workout. We will mobilise your spine, open your hips, strengthen your glutes, hamstrings and back – all while challenging your core. Using the MVMT Band (and your leg position) to change where you feel it. First – we get the outer hips and seat. Then – we invite little extra calves and hamstrings. Ending with it all being about your inner thighs.

Sculpting Weapon: MVMT LOOP.

Part 3: Posture & The Peach. 

We thought this was the perfect time for you to meet The MVMT Band. For this series, we tied MVMT Loop at each to make it like a ‘big loop’. Broken into two sections. Both sharing the love for strengthening your entire back-body (back of legs, buns, back shoulders, arms). Starting from four-point kneeling, we take the time to set you up. The band will add extra resistance (and you will feel your seat in both the working (band leg) and supporting (kneeling leg). We break up each side with some postural work. (Hence, Posture and the peach).

Sculpting Weapon: MVMT Band

Part 4:  Side Effects
Movement should be in all directions. This is a great sequence to strengthen, lengthen and mobilise.   And if that doesn’t get you excited. Positive Side effects also include stronger core, legs, seat, arms, waist, inner thighs, outer-thighs, improved balance, mobility, coordination and learning how to breathe. Worship your spine with this delicious strength-mobility sandwich. Inner thighs – Book-openings, Side Planks & Mermaids.

Ps. Side Plank Alert. The best core exercise you (probably) aren’t doing. We offer three leg variations. We want you to choose the variation that supports you.

Sculpting Weapons: MVMT BALL

Part 5: Glide Home
One Gliding Disc is all that you need for some serious glute activation. If you have ever had the privilege of trying the reformer exercise Scooter. You will be as excited as we are, that you can replicate it with one disc. (Minus a 20 kg reformer). We used a chair for this series, you could use a wall or anything sturdy. Gliders are dual-surfaced. MVMT logo up on carpet, MVMT logo down on hardwood. Let’s finish upright and standing. Meet you on the other slide.

Sculpting Weapons: MVMT GLIDER