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A New Style of Mat Pilates.

We work both on and off the Pilates mat, fusing elements of traditional mat Pilates with functional full-body fitness to amplify your Pilates experience.  We use intelligent movement combinations in a safe and supportive setting to transform the way your body moves and feels.

Start with a 3 Class Taster.



Come ready to strengthen, lengthen and tone every inch of your body. Leave feeling empowered, strong (and addicted). We will build up the burn both on and off the mat, fusing the worlds of Pilates with functional fitness to deliver a fun, flowing full-body workout. If you are looking for the smart way to tone up, build strength and improve flexibility – this one is for you!!

Total body conditioning

We take the time to get it right. (So you feel it in all the right places).

You will leave the class feeling muscles you never even knew you had. Pilates helps strengthen our weak muscles and lengthen the tight ones all while lubricating the spine. The perfect recipe to injury management (and prevention).

Strengthen, lengthen and tone

Movement can do so more than just “get us into shape”.

Not only will you release tightness and increase flexibility, but you’ll improve conditioning, tone, coordination, breath and awareness., you’ll challenge your balance, strength and flexibility, break a sweat—and have fun!

Better balance and buns

We focus on balancing out the body which given our lifestyles places the huge importance of building a stronger back body. So really, it is about building a bad ass booty one rep at a time.
*Disclaimer: We don’t believe in high reps, that would be boring.

Carving the core creatively

Forget sit-ups. We challenge your core control dynamically. We teach core stability (keeping one part of your body stable, while you move other parts) which progresses to having dynamic stability. Get an evenly conditioned body through intelligent movement.

Developing a body that moves well is the ticket to a place where you feel — finally — capable, confident, and free.

This class is for everyone

No matter where you’re starting, the more you move, the better your body will function. Don’t be afraid of being a beginner.

Whether you are a regular rocking it in the corner or a newbie trying Pilates for the first time. We are invested in your progress. It is important to us that each and every person in the room gets moments of dedicated attention. You will be encouraged and educated in how to modify and/or advance each exercise in order to facilitate your individual body.

Experience a Class

No matter where you’re starting, the more you move, the better your body will function. Don’t be afraid of being a beginner.

Join The MVMT.



Pilates with a kick of cardio. MVMT Sculpt turns up the heat & beats to make you sweat. Working at a slightly faster pace, we integrate our pilates practice with dynamic cardio combinations to get the heart rate up and body heated. Working on and off the mat, with and without the barre, this full body workout will test, tone and tighten every inch of your body. Pilates precision with an endurance twist.

Build power, endurance, and strength

We don’t want to overly fatigue your muscles through repetition of bad strategy. We want to reinforce good movement habits and strategies, so your form gets better even as the class gets harder.  Through intelligent movement combinations, we help build strength, endurance and awareness to build, not break you.

Kick of cardio

Non-stop movement, with kicks of cardio, turn up the burn and amplify the results. Intervals of ‘sweat & sculpt’ will mean both your big and little muscle groups are present at the party.

We raise the Barre

We want to move away from the barre. Whether we are using a ballet barre, wall or chair – the movements are designed to improve your balance and increase your base of support. As your strength builds, you can step away from the barre and challenge your balance.

Everyone can sweat & sculpt

All you need to do is turn up.


Not simply ‘going through the motions’. Learn and understand your body, the way it moves and how to improve.

We take a little extra time on the “nitty gritty” so you and your body can make little changes that have big results. Refining technique will enhance your knowledge and maximise your desired outcome. We break down the “how to” so you to get the most out of your movement and reach your desired result – whether that be toning, more freedom of movement, injury rehab or flexibility.

Newbies, Beginners, First-timers
The perfect way to commence your MVMT journey.

MVMT Refine, combined with your regular MVMT classes, will take you to the next level.