Your Spring Cleanse has arrived, and it’s being Pressed Daily. As members of The Movement Society, you are invited to 25% off your next cleanse. Head to the Pressed Daily website, choose your cleanse and enter your coupon code below.

The amazing Georgia and Adam from Pressed Daily will deliver cleanses TO THE STUDIO for you. Pressed Daily offer 3 different cleanse options, designed to keep you energised all day. Try 1, 2 or all 3!

1 x Cleanse: Kick start your week with 7 juices to put a spring in your step
$39.00 | Coupon code: MVMT1

2 x Cleanses: Keep it up! Give yourself a boost with 2 days full of juices.
$78.00 | Coupon code: MVMT2

3 x Cleanses: Why not try all three! Nourish your body inside and out before the silly season hits.
$117.00 | Coupon code: MVMT3

Visit to book your cleanse. 

All cleanses will be delivered for free throughout the 8 week period to K2 Studio in the mornings before the class. Cleanse start days are Monday, Tuesday & Friday and can be ordered directly through Pressed Daily team. Orders must be placed at least 24 hours before delivery.


Pressed Daily was spawned by the belief that the benefits of an enzyme rich cold pressed juice should be accessible to everyone. No longer were the words Juice Cleanse, Kale and Alkaline to be spoken and only understood by disciples of the raw food universe.  It was time that delicious and nourishing juices be made practical and ready for every lifestyle.

With this firmly in mind, Pressed Daily developed a range of cold pressed juices by instinctively combining the freshest, local and seasonably available produce, that are designed to compliment any diet from the religiously raw-food, yoga loving junky to the lovers of a pizza and red-wine.


There’s juice, but then there is Cold Press Juice & the difference is how we do it. More often than not conventional juice found in your local supermarket is pasteurized – that is, it’s heated to a specific temperature for a specific time increasing the shelf life of the juice by up to 6 weeks. In doing so it’s eliminating any potentially harmful bacteria, but at the same time drastically reducing the amount of vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes normally found in fruit and vegetables.


Cold Pressed is the method by which the juice is extracted. Firstly the washed produce is pulperised as it’s pushed through a slow moving blade; the pulp then falls directly into a cotton bag, which is hung between the hydraulic press.  A herculean amount of pressure is applied, obtaining by force, Pressed Daily Juice.

This process preserves all of the produces natural sugars, vitamins, minerals and living enzymes. We then bottle our juice within minutes of being pressed before banging it straight into the fridge.

Pressed Daily – Cold Pressed Juice is never heated or pressurised,  has NO added preservatives, has NO added sugar and has a shelf life of 3 days. In other words our Cold Press juice contains far more natural sugars, vitamins, minerals & enzymes than juice made using any other method. Full Stop!



Cleansing is like pressing Control + ALT + Delete in your body.

Everyone can benefit from a juice cleanse. Whether you eat incredibly clean and healthy food or the only food you know is Fast Food, we all absorb a lot of crap from our environment. Daily we are exposed to things like tobacco, food additives, cosmetic and hygiene products, cleaning products, environmental pollution … the list just goes on.

Fortunately our bodies are already very good at removing these toxins and waste, restoring any imbalance.  However, our hectic modern lifestyles can often overload these built-in corrective processes.

A juice cleanse is an optimal way to restoring our bodies natural order from the inside out. Your liver will love you, your skin will love you, heck your dog will even love you more. You could actually feel like batman after 1 of our cleanses,  there are no guarantees but there is a chance you will feel like Batman.