At home workouts.


    Below the Belt is a special masterclass inspired by our recent trip to the USA. The workout will introduce never before seen butt and leg toning moves. Complete the entire 65-Minute Masterclass from start to end, or break it into 5 "Bite-Sized" Workouts.
    PART 1. Warm up those hard-to-reach muscles of the inner thighs and inner butt with a precise, slow, low-impact gliding series at the wall.
    You need Glider and a wall. (10 Minutes)
    PART 2.
    A mix of standing and mat moves using the MVMT loop and band. A new variation of band walks. Bridging that will get your outer thighs then inner thighs. Standing thigh work that also tones your triceps.
    You need: Loop and Band (16 Minutes)
    PART 3.
    The most insane booty burning band sequence ever.
    You need: Long Band (16 Minutes)
    PART 4.
    Abs with extra inner-thighs.
    You need: Ball. (8 Minutes)
    PART 5.
    An X-Rated version of our warm up with your ball and gliding disc.
    You need: Ball, Glider (8 Minutes)
    A well-deserved stretch and victory lap You Need: No Props (4 Minutes)
    Ready to try the most unique Glute and Leg workout on the planet?
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    You need:
    • MVMT Ball
    • MVMT Band
    • MVMT Loop
    • MVMT Gliders
    Our Toning Toolkit contains everything you need and is available here.
  • Autumn Season - 10 Autumn Episodes Released Over 10 Weeks.

    Our Autumn 10-Week Challenge is now online.We will unveil 10 different themed workouts, with a new episode released each week. Sign up & Save. Get entire Autumn Series (10 Episodes for $59) - or pick and choose your individual episodes.

    No Machines necessary when you got MVMT Props and a mat. Everything you love about a reformer class with the seamless flow of mat class. Get Unlimited Access to 10-Weeks of Ass-lifting, Core-Strengthening MVMT. How it works: 10 Workouts released over 10 Weeks. A new episode released each week. Episode 1 released April 3. 365 Streaming Access. Start Anytime. Access Anywhere. Videos are hosted by Vimeo. Get Videos Here. Props Needed: MVMT Toning Toolkit MVMT Block * This season we introduce a new prop. Get your MVMT Block now, as you will need it in week 4.

    Silly Season Survival Guide

    Everything you need to stay on track. The Silly Season Survival Guide is a fun and easy solution to keep you accountable, strong and motivated over the holidays. Festive fun only comes around once a year, so let’s make the most of it! No one said you can’t be naughty, just balance out your merrinesss with MVMT.
    What You Get
    • MVMT Toning Toolkit
    • MVMT Grip Socks
    • MVMT Express 30 Minute Workout
    • Naughty and Nice Scorecard
    Total Value - $159