Hey Mumma,

We have created something extra special to support and guide you throughout your entire pregnancy and beyond.



Postnatal Movement Program

Hey Mummas! We’ve created something extra special just for you.

We’ve combined our knowledge of prenatal Pilates AND Yoga to bring you a fun, informative, supportive, and love-filled program… all from the comfort of your own home. This series balances the strength of Pilates with the flexibility and mindfulness of yoga. Each workout has been custom designed to complement the other beautifully, with options to pick a class to match your energy levels and mood on the day.

The MVMT props are there to support us and help build more strength and stability. They’re part of every workout and our gift to you when you join. 

We’re here to support and empower you through your entire pregnancy journey and beyond. It’s made for you mummas by us – with so much love. 

What You Receive

The Prenatal Movement Program is included in our 3-month subscription offering ($50/month) and includes:

  • Instant access to Prenatal movement program and library of workouts
  • Trimester-specific classes to effectively support your physical and emotional needs
  • Informative workouts allow you to move safely and with confidence
  • Free Prenatal Pilates Pack, shipped (free global shipping) upon sign up and valued at $99
  • Online community, for feedback and support. With guidance from your instructors, Elise & Sophie

Our Promise to You

We understand the challenges of pregnancy. After signing up, if you need to cancel your membership at any time, we will refund you, no questions asked.


Anyone looking to keep moving, with confidence throughout pregnancy. You do not need any prior experience or fitness level to benefit from these classes.

This program is suitable whether this is your first or fourth pregnancy (you go!) Many of our returning mumma’s had wonderful experiences through their first pregnancy and are looking for that same strength leading into subsequent births.

Now! These workouts are safe through all stages of pregnancy. Though we have taken into account what your body/mind may need most for each trimester and devised a plan to suit.

We want you to feel empowered to keep moving through your entire journey whilst honouring your body’s need for rest or ‘low-intensity’ classes when necessary. For this reason, we have categorised them into 3 levels of intensity to help you navigate any lulls in energy you may be feeling.

Do we ever! We have both experienced our own joyful pregnancies, that came with their own individual challenges.

Not only are we experts in our field (Pilates & Yoga certified… with 10+ years experience teaching) but we are a team of mothers, that have lived and researched what is needed and wanted both physically and emotionally throughout pregnancy (and beyond).

Ready to Begin?

Sign up and start moving with a 3-month subscription for $150

DAY 1 20 MINUTES Restore the Core 1 – Gentle
DAY 2 20 MINUTES Rest in Peach
DAY 3 20 MINUTES Red Hot Arms & Abs
DAY 4 10 MINUTES Leg Envy
DAY 5 20 MINUTES That Barre Glow
DAY 6 20 MINUTES Glow with the Flow


Build your strength back with our prenatal plan. Follow this for a safe guide. Join us for a 20-day program that will sculpt, tone and lengthen your entire body.


Restore the Core 1 – 20 Minutes


Long Band Full Body – 45 Minutes


No Crunch Core | 20 Minutes


Holidays Arms – 10 Minutes
Holidays Legs – 10 Minutes


Rest | Chill | Walk |Dance


Studio 54 | 54 Minutes

“I am so proud of my consistency and strength gained throughout my pregnancy. Maintaining my core not only kept me feeling mobile, but also allowed me to carry the extra weight of the baby that was pushing on my pelvis. I was even more pleased when my postpartum pelvic floor check showed that I had full engagement and minimal stomach separation, likely attributed to my ongoing pilates throughout pregnancy (according to the physio). The yoga and meditation classes were a welcome time to focus on myself and my baby, often helping me to wind down after a busy day and mentally prepare for birth. I’m looking forward to returning to online practice!”

Stay motivated and connected by sharing your movement experiences with our community