You are getting Stronger.
We keep making it harder.
A little reminder.. You are Amazing.

We just wanted to confirm; You are all getting stronger and the classes have been getting harder. If you’re thinking maybe you’re not improving… or you are not flexible or strong enough, let me stop you right there.


1. As you get better, it gets harder (eyeroll)

Tell me about it. Why? Because you are doing it correctly. Pilates puts you into the right position so the right muscles work – and they don’t take long to “create some warmth”.
You can easily “cheat” your way through exercises through bad alignment, technique or inadequate strength/control.

Developing awareness “mind- body connection” you are better able to set your body up correctly, understand which muscles are being used for each exercise and are able to fire those particular muscles as needed. (That in itself is a WIN).

Often I come over to adjust your bodies – and before I even get my hands close – you know what I am going to do and make the change. That is awareness.

I forget that you don’t know & see what I see. And what I see makes me proud as punch. Form, coordination, strength, balance & mobility are always improving.

You are taking less time to “understand” the move and more time in the correct position. I don’t think improving/getting stronger and feeling like the class is getting easier is the same thing. Pilates is a process. Acknowledge the small steps and trust the journey. It is worth it.

2. The classes are getting harder

You get better, which makes it harder. Plus – We are making the classes harder.

Each week layers in a new level of challenge – repetitions, resistance, load & lever (adding arms, legs), tempo, coordination & balance.

Scooter Using the Gliding Discs
We started with 8 repetitions & about 2- 3 variations. We now do minimum 8-16 repetitions of at least  5 variations  – because you have the correct alignment, appropriate strength & the ability for your form to get better even when it gets harder. That takes strength, stamina, control & coordination.

Long Band Glute Series – In Four Point Kneeling
We began with 8 repetitions of 2 variations. We have not only increased the repetitions, we have incorporated upper body challenges (e.g. the sea-saw push up this week). OR Complex lower body combinations – this week we did parallel legs, then leg only rotates, leg & hip rotates, leg, hip & shoulder rotates… This is full body integration. You are doing more than just fancy choreography. You are challenging your ability to control the trunk &pelvic as you move just the leg.
Hello – Core Control.

We have built (and continue to build on) good, strong foundations. Hence; why every class includes bridging, side planks, extension, rotation, side-bending, etc. And we will continue to do this. Use each and every week as an opportunity to improve. Maybe pick up one new piece of info, have one ah-huh moment and week-by-week, challenge by challenge your body, mind and movement will change.

Enough waffling.

1. We keep making it harder.
2. You get better at doing it well.
3. Be proud.

Love Elise. xx