MVMT for Mums.

Are you a busy mum who needs routine during the school term, but flexibility over the holidays?
This is perfect for you.
Term 2
April 28 – July 5

9am Tuesday & Thursday, in Cottesloe.

Starting April 28, join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am for 10 weeks. Each week will build on from the last, so over the term, you progress your skills, strengthen your core and get stronger, fitter and more fabulous.

Sign up now for priority access to our 9am Tuesday and 9am Thursday classes (which are almost at capacity!) and receive discounted pricing. Scheduling your classes in advance is designed to help you make movement a priority and a reality, so that it may become a part of your lifestyle. This 10-week commitment allows you to see and feel results.

Your Instructors

9am Tuesday with Elise and 9am Thursday with Holly.

Beat the crowd

Sign up to the full MVMT for Mum’s term in advance to guarantee yourself a mat.

Discounted Pricing

Making the commitment upfront to prioritise yourself should be rewarded. The special price of $380 for 20 classes works out to just $19 per class!


20 classes in 10 weeks means results you can feel and see.

Think of it as a 10-week commitment to yourself. Signing up upfront unlocks the door to discounted prices, priority access to your favourite classes (most classes are waitlisted), and a society of support. Designed to help you make movement a priority and a reality by having you schedule the class times and commitment levels that suit your lifestyle in advance. 

The classes are at the Cottesloe Civic Center. There is a cute little studio adjacent to the main building.

The address is: 140 Broome Street, Cottesloe.
Parking is best opposite the tennis courts (Corner of Broome Street and Napier Street).
Access the studio via Broome street, you will see a cute white building and (if its not raining) a MVMT A-Frame.

The designated ‘Mums’ class times are Tuesday 9am and Thursday 9am. This is only because our current mums drop there kids and join us.
In saying that, some of our Mums cannot make both or any 9am times, but love the structure of a membership that runs just within the school term. They still participate in the mums term, but choose other class times from our timetable.

If you want to discuss how we can make it work for you, get in touch. (We are extremely good at making a membership/pricing package tailored to you!).

Email or call me direct +61438928402.