Every Monday at 9am for 7 weeks, join us in Cottesloe for a 60-minute Pilates Super Sculpt. This cardio infused Pilates workout will mix intervals of sweat and sculpt to get your heart rate up and body heated.


We kick off Monday 13th May with a Masterclass followed by morning tea.


The Movement Method

Transforming your Body

After one class you will feel muscles you never even knew you had. Commit to an 8-week block and see results that will keep you wanting more. Make MVMT a part of your life and transform your body, movement, and life. All you need to do is turn up! Spoiler alert: you will have fun and feel amazing.

Results are Addictive

Once you start seeing results, it becomes addictive. Getting started can be hard, so we are breaking your journey into 7-week steps to fire-up motivation and fuel momentum. Each milestone gives you the opportunity to reflect on your progress and plan your next goals.

Feel and Move Better

Taking the time to refine, retune and retrain will help you both on and off the mat. Each class will reinforce good movement habits and strategies, so your form gets better even as the classes get harder. Not only a successful formula to help treat and prevent injuries but there’s an added perk: you get a banging body!

Progress is Perfection

Don’t be afraid of being a beginner. You will be encouraged and educated on how to modify and/or advance each exercise in order to facilitate your individual body. Each week is an opportunity to progress your practice. We will set you for movement success, all you need to do it turn up.