You Will Need:

Grab your Band & Try these 3 Cheeky Exercises.
Yes, this is a Booty Call.



Band Walks

Place MVMT-Band around your outer thighs just above your knees. Begin standing with feet shoulder distance apart. Feet are parallel. Knees aligned over the second/third toe. Rock the weight back towards your heels… sitting your hips back folding your chest forward. Beautiful, long neutral spine and pelvis.

Single Step Left Side  x 10
Double Step Left Side x 10

Single Step Right Side  x 10
Double Step Right Side x 10

Alternative Single Steps (R:L, R:L) x 10.


Wall – 90 Presses

  • Place MVMT band around your outer thighs just above your knees. Hands on the wall (or chair for support). Step about one arms distance from the wall,  standing leg bent, body pitched forward. Neutral spine.  Float the right leg up, keeping 90-degree angle at the knee.
  • Exhale:  Press shape back…only as high as body stays quiet.
  • Inhale to return (knee to knee).
  • Complete 10 -12 Reps.

Goal:  keep your body stable as you move your leg. 

To Advance: Repeat with one hand off the wall.


Wall – 90 Presses

  • Start with your standing leg bend and gesture leg bend (knee to knee).
  • Exhale: Straighten standing leg and working leg to create long-line.
  • Inhale: Sit back.. bending standing leg and gesture leg. (knee to knee).
  • Complete 10 -12 Reps.

To Advance: Hold the “down” position and perform 3 pulses. i.e. Pulse 1, 2, 3 – Lengthen to long line. (That is one rep). Repeat 10 times.


Wide Bridging Pulses – One heel lifted

  • Keep heel lifted as you lift and lower hips.
  • Perform 10-12 Pulses. Repeat the second side.

Option to advance: Hold at the top and pulse outwards into the band.

* Lighting up the room optional.

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