The mystery prop adding punch to the current 8-week challenge are Gliding Discs. Thought our standing series was challenging? Wait until you try out the Gliders. They may look harmless, but they really pack some punch! 


Meet you on the Mat. xx



My favourite exercise to do and teach is a standing exercise on the reformer called Scooter. It is a great standing exercise to work on balance and coordination, as well as build glute, hamstring and leg strength. It teaches you how to keep your spine and pelvis square, as you move your leg in space. The reformer provided a “moving surface” in the form of a carriage, which is now replicated with the gliding discs. We start the movement holding onto a bar or chair, then challenge balance by removing the base of support as form and strength improves.

 While I wish I could, I cannot cart 15 reformers to class. The gliding discs allow for fun new variations traditionally performed on the reformer to be done on the mat. Low impact, high result movements with little impact on your joints. We are so excited for you to feel the “glider” effect.