MVMT binge


Let’s make the most of Winter with a  21-Day MVMT Binge.
Get 21-Days unlimited access to MVMT classes starting June 17.

Be Greedy – Book First

21-Day MVMT Binge

Unlimited classes for 21-Days starting June 17.

 21-Day MVMT Binge
Guest Pass $99
Member Upgrade $29


Starts: June 17 – July 6
Price: $29 (members upgrade) or $99 (guest pass)*
You get:  21-Days of unlimited classes. Choose from both our Cottesloe and Bicton classes. 

* If you have a current MVMT membership, you can upgrade for just $29 upfront.
New clients or existing clients without a current membership can purchase a 3-Week Guest Pass for the period for $99 upfront.


  • Payment is required in advance. There are limited upgrades available for purchase so to avoid missing out purchase asap.
  • There are no restrictions on how many classes you attend.  Stuff yourself with as many classes as you can in the 21 day period.
  • You can double dip and attend Cottesloe and Bicton classes.
  • To ensure class spots are maximised. Late cancellations or “no-shows” during the binge period carry a $10 cancellation fee. The cancellation window for the binge period is 6 hours. The late cancellation “fees” won’t be charged until the end of the binge.
  • Class sizes will be restricted and “binge passes” sold limited. Be greedy and book first.
3 Days To Book

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Pilates Anytime

Our Pilates Anytime Experience

Pilates Anytime is “the” online Pilates Mecca. It is where Pilates practitioners go for access to world-class instructions anywhere, anytime. Unlike typical Pilates videos, Pilates Anytime films real classes with real students. We still cannot believe we were lucky enough featured.
The reformer workout taken by the amazing Kristi Cooper is now up. Check it out here.
Pilates Anytime
Reformer Pilates Anytime
Pilates Anytime ReformerPilates Anytime

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Mums Term 3

Mums Term

A 7-Week special program for Mums

For busy Mums who want the benefits of routine during the school holidays and the flexibility to break during school holidays. The upcoming Mum’s term is a 7-Week Block that you sign up for in advance. Starting August 6th and finished just in time for Term 3 School Holidays.

Pricing options:

7 Classes in 7 Weeks – $140

14 Classes in 7 Weeks – $250

Our class options

Choose to come 1 or 2 times per week. Commit to both Monday and Thursday for the perfect balance.

Monday 9:30am – MVMT Sculpt

Your favourite MVMT-sculpting moves are mixed with bursts of low-impact cardio sequences, challenging your body and building an intense fire that transforms every muscle group. Throughout the entire class, your heart is pumping, your muscles are screaming and change is happening.

Thursday 9:30am – MVMT Signature

Targeted muscle-sculpting moves sprinkled with spine-saving mobility work, creating tone, strength, power and flexibility.  Discovering how to make little changes that will have big results with a workout designed to inspire educate and improve how you move. (Our signature class).

Tuesday 8:45am – MVMT Express (Coming Soon)

NEW. Express sculpting. This 30-minute class will leave you hot, sweaty and every inch of your body fired up. For when you want to get in and get out.

Sign Up

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Below The Belt

Below The Belt: The Most Unique Glute and Leg Training on the Planet.

A 60-Minute Masterclass showcasing our favourite moves from the Master trainers who presented at the 2018 Ideafit convention in San Diego. Come and experience completely mind-blowing lower-body exercises that are as creative as they are effective.


When: Saturday 4th August at 8am (7:45am arrival)
Where: Upstairs at K2 Dance 140 Stirling Hwy, North Fremantle
Price: $30 *Members save 15%

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Some news from us

Hey Team,

No wonder we are tired. 20 themes, 20 workouts, 320 classes, 700 hours of planning, 10 hours of trying to work out flattering camera angles, 2 hours sleeping, 4 sets of tears, endless laughs and a stronger peach later – we are so proud to have 2 complete online seasons for you to revisit anytime, anywhere.

We want to continually evolve and challenge you and ourselves and have so much goodness in store. A little update on our next few months.

Up next.
We are taking a twist and making our themes an “inspired by series”. We will kick off our next chapter with “Inspired by” the last 20 weeks. We are going to mix and match the best of the Summer and Autumn challenge to deliver you a week of the best of the best.

The next week is all about us and the fact we are sunning it up in LA, so it will be “inspired by” LA bodies. Think abs, arms, ass, – superficial AF. Just so you don’t miss us too much you will sore for the following week.

We then head to the USA (more about this later).

While we are away, you get to experience three amazing instructors. Renee, Isabella and Chloe will be taking over the MVMT while we are away. We won’t spoil the surprise, but you are going to love what’s in store.

Back to our trip. We are going to San Diego for the World Fitness Convention. 4 x 8 hour days of learning, being inspired and workouts. Then we are lucky enough to be appearing on Pilates Anytime. We sneak in a quick vegas trip before taking on the Hamptons and New York. We have 28 classes scheduled – and cannot wait to share all the amazing things we learn and see.

Vacay season.
We all escape from the Winter so we have the solutions to a) pause your membership when you go away and b) keep your ass perky while you go away. Where will you take your #toningtoolkit this winter? Tag #peachontour – we want to see your photos. Prize for the best peach shot. Ps. Hazel nailed it with her sideplank in the Sahara (doesn’t have to be a selfie of your ass, but more than welcomed).

Holiday P-ass.
When you pause your in-studio membership, you can access our online studio for FREE during the time you are away. Just email us to set up your discount code and online access. How good is being a member?

Coming soon.
We are sprinking the timetable with our new MVMT express class. 30-minute quickies starting July 25th.

A membership option for Mums that aligns with the school term. Remember MVMT for the Mums? It’s coming back. This gives Mum’s the option to workout during the term and have holidays off. Lock in 2, 3 or unlimited classes over the school term. Starts Term 3. *Email us if you want to start early.

Finish the challenge with a challenge.
Next week will be the final week of the Autumn challenge. Your theme is “Challenge”. But in true MVMT style, we choose to challenge you a little differently. Similar to the game musical statues where you freeze when the music stops… the challenge will be in the form “20-second holds” or “freezes” sprinkled through the class.  So whatever position you are in (maybe it will be book openings, maybe a side plank, probably both) – you have to hold it for 20 seconds.

Winter starts June 11th. No official block, but to roll-over into our membership seamlessly book now to start June 11.  We think the new memberships will make life easier. Instead of signing up every block, it will roll over unless you choose to cancel. You get the added flexibility of pausing your membership if you need to go away.

If it’s not on, it’s not on. Yes, we are talking about socks. MVMT socks are just $10 and will keep you warm for the winter. It’s a mix of hygiene, safety and feet are gross

About you.

A little thank you. Your endless support, presence, energy and hard work is the reason why we have the best job in the world. The improvement is inspired. When we create these themes and challenges, we set out goals and expectation of where we want your bodies to be at the end of the timeframe. You have all smashed it out of the park. We want to mould MVMT around you. Tell us what you would like to see, give us feedback and help us keep getting better. (Because we are the best in the west and probably the world). No seriously, we are. How good is being the best btw?

Ok ok, that is enough for now.

Meet you on the mat.

Elise, Rhi-Rhi and Chloe



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The Body – Our collab with Super Elixir

We created a 4-Part prop free workout for the 30 Day Super Elixir Challenge. Check it out.

Series 1 – Upper Body

For anyone who wants to strengthen and tone their upper back and arms (while simultaneously opening their chest) in 5 minutes. No props needed for this two-part upper-body blast. Target: Triceps, Back, Posture. Time: 7 Minutes.

Series 2 – Lower Body

A lower-body bridging sequence targeting your glutes, hamstrings and inner-thighs. You won’t need a magic circle to feel your inner-thighs in this series.  Target: Inner-thighs, Hamstrings, Glutes. Time: 5 Minutes.?Wanna make it a game?

Grab a credit card and think of a purchase you want. Now place the credit card between your inner thighs. If you can keep it there until the very last sequence where we add open/close leg movements… you deserve to make that purchase. If the credit card drops… repeat (and still buy it).


Series 3 – Core

Side planks are the exercise to do for a strong core. Moving into side-bending and rotation – is so important for spinal health. So if chiselling your waist isn’t enough – it will also build upper-body & glute strength. Take 5 Minutes to strengthen your core. Target: Everywhere. Time: 5 Minutes.

Series 4 – Standing Sculpt

You deserve Toned ?and??to go with your stronger core.  You will strengthen the buns & guns in less than 10-minutes. All you need is a wall. Target: Peach, Triceps. Time: 10 Minutes.
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Glide Into MVMT – Save 50% Off Your First Class.

Glide into MVMT (& get your first class 1/2 price).

Want to add a side of Pilates to your yoga schedule? Glide Yoga clients save 50% off Movement Society classes for the month of August.

Use the special discount link below & SAVE 50% on your first MVMT Class. 

Step 1: Purchase Discount Below.
Step 2: Book Your Class Online (or via the App)

* New Members Only. * Valid for the month of August. * Limit One per Client

P.S. MVMT Members – Click here to try Glide for 50% off.

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Movement For Jackson

Movement For Jackson

Join us in raising money for Youth Focus in honour of Jackson Bray

One Hour Masterclass:

When – Saturday 20th May, 7am – 8am
Where – K2 Dance, 140 Stirling Hwy, Mosman Park.
Cost – $30 (all funds donated to Youth Focus)

About the workshop:

Jackson brought love and happiness into the lives of his family and friends and it’s hard to process that someone with so much love to give could yet not return that favour to themselves. Jackson had been battling with his own demons and it ended with death grabbing at what it could and leaving behind a huge hole in our hearts. Jackson’s death has highlighted the difficulties so many young people are going through and although we can never bring Jackson back to this life, we can honour him by raising much-needed funds to help the youth in crisis and seek to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and familiarise the community with the services available.

All funds raised from MVMT with Jackson will be contributed to Youth Focus, an independent West Australian not-for-profit organisation who work with young people to help them overcome issues associated with mental illness. Prior to Jackson’s death, I was not aware of the seriousness of mental illness in our society and I acknowledge Jackson for reminding us of the importance to talk to each other, open up and to personally ask yourself are you okay?

We love you Jackson and although you may have left a huge hole in our hearts, only you could provide us with enough wonderful memories to fill that hole with love, laughter and a cherished nickname.

If you cannot make the class and still want to donate. Please complete payment via the PayPal link below.

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Meet Rhiannon


Happy Easter (& Anzac Day everyone).

We wanted to give you an EXTRA class to make up for the Monday we missed and thought this made for the perfect introduction of our NEWEST instructor Rhiannon.Two birds, one hell-of-alota tone.

Tuesday 9th May @ 9:30 am

Book online (below) or via the app.

PS.  Select 1 Casual Class and use Promotion Code RHI4MVMT and you will save 50%.

Learn About Rhiannon

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