5 Day Reset


Health with Bec and The Movement Society have joined forces to nourish your body.
Feel strong and healthy with 5 days of considered movement while on your 5 day Detox.


Sign up to Virtual MVMT and enjoy your 5-day Health with Bec reset program and access to our complete library of workouts, with your first two weeks free. If you do not wish to stay a Virtual MVMT Member simply cancel any time within the 2-week trial.

What is Virtual MVMT?

Virtual MVMT is the ultimate sculpting library filled with your soon to be favourite workouts you can do anytime, anywhere. Choose from pilates to barre to stretch and sweat! You can even filter your workouts by how much time you have, or what body part you want to focus on.

All of the workouts are led by some of Australia’s most in-demand Pilates instructors with over 20 years of teaching and teacher training between them. Along with your sculpting library, join our private online community to connect with your instructors, stay motivated and even request what you want to see in your next workout!


What is the 5 Day Detox?

The 5 Day Detox is a whole-foods meal plan, formulated by Bec Miller (BScNutr.). It is designed to help you get a “quick fix”, but in an extremely healthy way. In fact, it’s *actually* healthy enough to repeat many times throughout the year to snap back into a healthy routine, banish your sugar cravings, lose the bloat and slim down – unlike most other fads or detoxes, which can do more harm than good.

Your 5 Day Detox includes:

  • A 5-day meal plan featuring low carb, calorie-controlled, gluten-free, dairy-free recipes.
  • Low carb facts, tips, and a protein conversions table to help you substitute protein sources whilst keeping calories consistent to create extra flexibility.
  • A glossary of foods and recommended brands will help you navigate the stores quickly and easily.
  • A precise shopping list will help you eliminate all the stress of making your own!

Bec is extremely passionate about helping women stop the yo-yo dieting and finally find the freedom they deserve with food, for good. She has now changed the lives of thousands of women worldwide and wants you to get a taste for these results too.


Your 5 days of MVMT start now!

 While on your detox, energy levels may not be where they are usually. With this in mind, we have carefully curated 5 days of MVMT, a series of workouts that will complement & enhance Bec’s program to nourish your body with movement. You will get just enough burn to leave you feeling strong and healthy.

Get your body moving safely and effectively each day, with a short, fun workout you can do anytime, anywhere! These workouts are safe and accessible for all levels but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email or through our Facebook community.

30 Minute No Prop Full-body Flow
with Elise
30 Minutes

Day 1: In this full body no prop Pilates workout with Elise expect your strength work paired with melting mobility moments to give your body some love as we begin this nourishing journey! A perfectly balanced start to your 5 day reset.

Legs 360
with Holly

Sculpting tools: Mat, no props necessary! (if you have ankle weights they are a great add on of you please)

Day 2: Prepare your lower body to sizzle and burn from every angle in this 25 minute Legs 360 workout with Holly. Over oh so quick and on the mat so you still feel Energize to take on the rest of the day!

No Prop AB Flow
with Chloe

Day 3: You’re past half way! Your lower body may be a little sore after the last two days so now we focus on the upper body and core in this short and sweet 20 minute deep core workout with Chloe. The perfect benefit packed MVMT quickie you can for into your day no matter what else you have on, or even if you’re feeling a little tired today.

Booty Banger
with Elise
27 Minutes

Optional Sculpting weapon: MVMT Loop

Day 4: Almost there! This glute burner workout with Elise can be done with no props as we take things up a notch as you near closer to completing your detox and feeling amazing! Expect a few shakes and a whole lot of burn.

Full Body Sweat and Spice Pilates
with Holly
25 Minutes

Sculpting tools: Chair, mat, and a banging playlist!
Day 5: You made it! This 25-minute full body sweaty and spicy number with Holly is both fun and challenging! We always progress in layers though so you can support your body where you need and challenge it where you want! So you can finish your 5 day detox with a bang and a whole lot of those great feel-good endorphins! You deserve it!

Mobility Melody
with Elise
10 Minutes

Bonus: Feel like your body needs something a bit more gentle? Breathe a sigh of relief as Virtual MVMT guides your body into positions that bring a smile to everyone’s face.

The Toning Toolkit

What makes Virtual MVMT really hit the spot for your online workouts? The toning toolkit is your secret weapon to hit every single muscle while at home or away. All kept in a cute little neoprene bag but don’t be fooled, the sculpting tools in your toning toolkit will take your burn to new levels!

Want a toning toolkit to add to your workouts? All Health with Bec friends will receive a 20% off discount. Check your inbox for our gift to you.



Body Holiday by Holly

Byron Bay Hinterlands
October 23 – 26th October 2020

Relax, restore and re-energize on this mindfully curated experience
with Pilates and Barre teacher trainer Holly Gibellini Davis.


By any of the two pools and hot tub at our stunning two-story estate on 100 acres in the stunning Byron Bay Hinterlands. Established on a working Macadamia field with views of the orchards, rainforest, and ocean from the living areas, bedrooms and baths.


Connect and nourish your mind with fantastic conversation and like-minded people. Restore your body with an in house massage and optional sound healing on our last night.

With a choice of up to 8 mindfully curated Pilates, Sculpt and Barre classes lead by master trainer Holly Gibellini Davis using your very own MVMT toning toolkit to give you a workout like no other.
What does retreat mean to you?
Each attendee will have a short phone meeting after booking to discuss all the things you love, how you most like to rejuvenate, and what you want to get out of these three nights. We then tailor the retreat just for you, making this a truly unique experience.
  • 3 nights accommodation at the incredible tides estate in Byron Bay hinterlands.
  • 8x Body Holiday by Holly group classes and optional private session with Holly Gibellini Davis
  • 3x Delicious, nourishing dinners and breakfasts tailored to your desires.
  • 2x Picnic grazing board lunches in the fields of the macadamia farm (weather permitting)
  • Saturday driver to take you wherever your heart desires. Explore Byron; visit the lighthouse walk, beaches, cafes and shops with your driver only a message away.
  • 1x In house massage, the perfect reset, and restore after your workouts.
  • Optional sound healing, release anything holding you back to leave your escape feeling rebalanced and rejuvenated.
  • Your very own MVMT toning toolkit, Mat, and one week’s free Virtual MVMT post-retreat to keep you moving.
  • Body Holiday pamper pack with the contents uniquely tailored to you.
This is a limited capacity retreat, so that we may offer every one of you the best possible experience.
To find out more and reserve your place, email holly@mvmtsociety.com.au


Movement For Jackson

Movement For Jackson

Join us in raising money for Youth Focus in honour of Jackson Bray

One Hour Masterclass:

When – Saturday 20th May, 7am – 8am
Where – K2 Dance, 140 Stirling Hwy, Mosman Park.
Cost – $30 (all funds donated to Youth Focus)

About the workshop:

Jackson brought love and happiness into the lives of his family and friends and it’s hard to process that someone with so much love to give could yet not return that favour to themselves. Jackson had been battling with his own demons and it ended with death grabbing at what it could and leaving behind a huge hole in our hearts. Jackson’s death has highlighted the difficulties so many young people are going through and although we can never bring Jackson back to this life, we can honour him by raising much-needed funds to help the youth in crisis and seek to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and familiarise the community with the services available.

All funds raised from MVMT with Jackson will be contributed to Youth Focus, an independent West Australian not-for-profit organisation who work with young people to help them overcome issues associated with mental illness. Prior to Jackson’s death, I was not aware of the seriousness of mental illness in our society and I acknowledge Jackson for reminding us of the importance to talk to each other, open up and to personally ask yourself are you okay?

We love you Jackson and although you may have left a huge hole in our hearts, only you could provide us with enough wonderful memories to fill that hole with love, laughter and a cherished nickname.

If you cannot make the class and still want to donate. Please complete payment via the PayPal link below.


MVMT X WelleCo

Workout with WelleCo and The Movement Society.

The ultimate swap is here with our 6-part series collaboration with WelleCo. Let me show you why swapping your pilates ball for Nourishing Protein tins might be the swap you are looking for!


Pelvic Tilt

STEP 1: Begin lying on your back, arms by your side, knees bent. Place one heel on top of your Nourishing Protein tin and the other foot flat on the ground beside it.

STEP 2: Peel your spine up and off the ground segmentally until the weight is balanced between your shoulder blades. Roll your spine back down vertebrae-by-vertebrae to your start position.

CHALLENGE: Repeat in single leg. First, try with your leg bent at 90 degrees, then for more challenge extend the leg straight. Hello Hamstrings!


Shoulder Bridge

STEP 1: Perform each leg position peeling up and hinging up. First with the foot down, then with the leg in table top and finally with the leg extended straight to the ceiling.

STEP 2: To challenge your core. Hold your bridge position as you lower and lift the opposite leg. First start with a bent leg and then advance by straightening the leg.

CHALLENGE: Try leg circles, your goal is keeping your hips stable, square and lifted as you move.


The Teaser

STEP 1: Begin lying on your back, arms overhead and the Nourishing Protein tin behind one heel.

STEP 2: Lift your hands above your head and roll up segmentally to a tall seated position sliding the tin towards your body. Return to start position.

CHALLENGE: Bend your opposite knee or use a straight leg to hover whilst you repeat this movement. To really challenge yourself, place the tin between your feet and lift arms and legs into a teaser “V” position.


Rolling Like A Ball

STEP 1: Place the Nourishing Protein Tin between your ankles. From a tall seated position, lift your feet off the mat, scoop abdominals and creating a ‘round flexed position’. Your weight balanced just behind your sit bones.

STEP 2: Begin holding your thighs for support. Maintain the round shape of your body as roll back and fourth.

STEP 3: Increase the challenge by placing the tin behind the legs, or between the elbows and knees. To really step it up – grab a second tin and combine the two.

CHALLENGE: Straighten your legs and complete your rolling action. First try with your hands holding your ankles. Then, see if you can keep the tin between your hands and shins.


The Roll Up

STEP 1: Begin in a tall seated position with legs straight and the Super Elixir Protein Tin in your hands. Roll spine segmentally to the mat. Arc arms up and overhead. To return, lift arms up first, then continue to roll yourself back up and over towards your toes, before re-stacking back to a tall seated position.

STEP 2: Repeat with arms remaining overhead the whole time, or add a second tin under your ankles.

CHALLENGE: Once you have rolled back onto the ground, lift your legs up to a 90-degree angle, then carefully over your head to a roll over position.




Tendon Stretch

STEP 1: Begin seated with hands shoulder distance apart, fingers facing forward. The Nourishing Protein Tin should rest on the fleshy part of your calf when the leg is straight. Supporting leg bend.

STEP 2: From your seated position. Drive through your supporting heel and lift hips, heart and chest off floor so that your body creates a long diagonal. Lower back to start position.

STEP 3: Take it to the next level by rolling the tin underneath you as you move up and down.

CHALLENGE: Raise your right leg to a 90-degree angle, and straighten it as you continue to repeat the exercise.


Top 10 Tips for a Healthier 2017

Rebecca Miller,  Nutritionist and Director of Health with Bec,  shares her Top 10 Tips for a Healthier You in 2017. 

Want to find out more? Check out her website www.healthwithbec.com and get your own personalised 2017 plan.

My Top 10 Tips for a Healthier You in 2017. 

By Rebecca Miller

Happy New Year!! There’s no better time than now to throw away some of your bad habits, lose those extra kilos you may have gained over the holidays and start living a healthier life.

We are a product of what we consistently do, and health cannot be achieved overnight. This is something that I am very passionate about. We are not going to get fat after one bad day, or skinny after one “healthy” day. We are not going to transform our health in 2 weeks either or heal our health ailments in a month. Health is about doing all the right things day after day for years.

I have compiled my top 10 tips that I always follow and would recommend to every single one of my clients. They may seem general but they are all VERY important.

Narrowing this down to 10 simplified tips was very challenging! But I believe these to definitely be the most important for weight loss and general health… Backed by science… of course.

Love Bec

1.     Eat whole foods as much as possible

This means try to avoid as many foods that come in a package! Did you know that roughly 80% of packaged food contains added sugar?! Avoid processed food and save yourself calories, chemicals, preservatives and toxins. Our bodies were not made to digest and process these nasty things. The more “real” our food is the healthier and leaner we become. Simple as that. If you do eat something out of a package, the shorter the ingredients list the better!

2.     Eat some sort of protein and a source of good fats with every meal.

This is so important. By doing this, it will fill you up and keep you sustained for a long time (meaning little desire to snack) and therefore reduce the total amount of calories that you consume. Our bodies are primarily made of protein and fat, so we need to eat them to survive. We have constantly been told that ‘fat’ is the enemy when in actual fact it is your friend. If I could tell you to make one change this year, it would be to make friends with good fats (avocado, nuts, olive oil and coconut oil are some).

3.     Avoid added sugar as much as possible!

Trust me on this one, you will not lose weight and have healthy insides if you don’t cut sugar out. You are already pretty much there if you have cut out processed foods, as added sugar is in nearly everything. Weight gain, foggy brain, blood sugar problems, fatty liver, yeast overgrowth and constant food cravings are just some of the effects of added sugars. Please refer to my blog post on sugar to read more about the dangers of this toxic white substance (click image below to take you there).

4.     Eat as many (and as many colours) of vegetables as you can.

At lunch and dinner vegetables should take up should take up 3/4 of your plate. Veggies are very low in calories, meaning you can pretty much eat them freely without any guilt. They provide you with huge amounts of fibre, nutrients and minerals that will (among many things) keep your gut happy, support weight loss, keep your energy levels high and your immune system strong.

5.     Stay hydrated!

Drink around 8 glasses of water per day. Drinking water throughout the day helps you naturally eat less as it decreases your hunger levels (especially before meals). It helps your complexion glow, prevents constipation and reduces water retention. Yes… The more water you drink the less water your body holds!

6.     Sleep!

Try to get a good 7 – 8 hours per night. Sleep is the time where our bodies are in REPAIR mode. Poor sleep can increase hunger, halt weight loss and disrupt our hormonal balance. Proper sleep is vital and I know it can be hard, but try to make it one of your number one priority’s this year. You may want to try meditation, ditch screens for 2 hours before bed or stop having your afternoon coffee… whatever it is, address it and get better sleep this year!

7.     Exercise whenever you can… And LIFT!

Find time in your day to do what ever exercise it is that you ENJOY doing. For me, it is walking. Not only does exercise help you in your weight loss or maintenance goals… it clears your mind and makes you feel energised and happy (along with countless other health benefits!).

You can start small, any movement is better than nothing. Or if you are a regular exerciser, change things up every week and keep challenging yourself. If it doesn’t challenge you it wont change you!

While we are on the topic of exercise, I need to squeeze in a very important point… perform resistance exercise, and do this at least twice a week. I won’t go into detail but this is so essential for weight loss, bone health, muscle strength, posture, an increased metabolism and life longevity. I have definitely noticed changes in myself since I have made it a priority to do some sort of resistance / weight exercises twice a week (pilates and weight lifting are my go – to’s).

8.     Relax

The more stressed we are the higher our cortisol levels; which promotes the storage of fat and wreaks havoc on a whole lot of our other hormones. If we don’t manage stress, the entire body can be negatively affected in so many ways.

This year, think about what the stressors are in your life and come up with ways to reduce them. If you can’t avoid them, make a plan of action to help deal with that stress. Take breaks, listen to music, go for walks outdoors or take up meditation.

9.     Reduce alcohol consumption (at least more than you are now)

Alcohol provides empty calories and stops our bodies from burning fat. It also puts a  huge amount of stress on our liver, destroys our friendly gut bacteria and disrupts deep sleep. This is something that is hard to totally avoid though of course, so maybe limit to one night a week, or have one glass every second night instead of every night. Just make a change this year and try to cut down on it more than you did in the past.

10. Do what you love doing every single day.

Once you find this it will make every day enjoyable. For me, it is calling or meeting a friend, going for long walks, researching, sharing my knowledge and eating good food. Health is not just about eating and exercise, it is about your mental health too. Find what you love and do it consistently.

There is no better feeling than feeling healthy, and too many of us don’t know how it feels. But it really is so simple! It just takes the right knowledge, attitude and consistency to achieve.

Remember, a healthy mind, body and life is a lifestyle – not a fad. Become healthier now! It’s a new year 🙂 Implement these tips into your life for good!

Make this year a year of change and put your health as your number one priority.


If you need guidance, contact Bec for some guidance. She can teach you how simple it is to live a healthier life, lose weight and feel amazing doing it.
Check out her website to book your FREE initial consultation today.

Your Spring cleanse has arrived

Your Spring Cleanse has arrived, and it’s being Pressed Daily. As members of The Movement Society, you are invited to 25% off your next cleanse. Head to the Pressed Daily website, choose your cleanse and enter your coupon code below.

The amazing Georgia and Adam from Pressed Daily will deliver cleanses TO THE STUDIO for you. Pressed Daily offer 3 different cleanse options, designed to keep you energised all day. Try 1, 2 or all 3!

1 x Cleanse: Kick start your week with 7 juices to put a spring in your step
$39.00 | Coupon code: MVMT1

2 x Cleanses: Keep it up! Give yourself a boost with 2 days full of juices.
$78.00 | Coupon code: MVMT2

3 x Cleanses: Why not try all three! Nourish your body inside and out before the silly season hits.
$117.00 | Coupon code: MVMT3

Visit www.presseddaily.com.au to book your cleanse. 

All cleanses will be delivered for free throughout the 8 week period to K2 Studio in the mornings before the class. Cleanse start days are Monday, Tuesday & Friday and can be ordered directly through Pressed Daily team. Orders must be placed at least 24 hours before delivery.


Pressed Daily was spawned by the belief that the benefits of an enzyme rich cold pressed juice should be accessible to everyone. No longer were the words Juice Cleanse, Kale and Alkaline to be spoken and only understood by disciples of the raw food universe.  It was time that delicious and nourishing juices be made practical and ready for every lifestyle.

With this firmly in mind, Pressed Daily developed a range of cold pressed juices by instinctively combining the freshest, local and seasonably available produce, that are designed to compliment any diet from the religiously raw-food, yoga loving junky to the lovers of a pizza and red-wine.


There’s juice, but then there is Cold Press Juice & the difference is how we do it. More often than not conventional juice found in your local supermarket is pasteurized – that is, it’s heated to a specific temperature for a specific time increasing the shelf life of the juice by up to 6 weeks. In doing so it’s eliminating any potentially harmful bacteria, but at the same time drastically reducing the amount of vitamins, minerals and natural enzymes normally found in fruit and vegetables.


Cold Pressed is the method by which the juice is extracted. Firstly the washed produce is pulperised as it’s pushed through a slow moving blade; the pulp then falls directly into a cotton bag, which is hung between the hydraulic press.  A herculean amount of pressure is applied, obtaining by force, Pressed Daily Juice.

This process preserves all of the produces natural sugars, vitamins, minerals and living enzymes. We then bottle our juice within minutes of being pressed before banging it straight into the fridge.

Pressed Daily – Cold Pressed Juice is never heated or pressurised,  has NO added preservatives, has NO added sugar and has a shelf life of 3 days. In other words our Cold Press juice contains far more natural sugars, vitamins, minerals & enzymes than juice made using any other method. Full Stop!



Cleansing is like pressing Control + ALT + Delete in your body.

Everyone can benefit from a juice cleanse. Whether you eat incredibly clean and healthy food or the only food you know is Fast Food, we all absorb a lot of crap from our environment. Daily we are exposed to things like tobacco, food additives, cosmetic and hygiene products, cleaning products, environmental pollution … the list just goes on.

Fortunately our bodies are already very good at removing these toxins and waste, restoring any imbalance.  However, our hectic modern lifestyles can often overload these built-in corrective processes.

A juice cleanse is an optimal way to restoring our bodies natural order from the inside out. Your liver will love you, your skin will love you, heck your dog will even love you more. You could actually feel like batman after 1 of our cleanses,  there are no guarantees but there is a chance you will feel like Batman.