The Body – Our collab with Super Elixir

We created a 4-Part prop free workout for the 30 Day Super Elixir Challenge. Check it out. Series 1 - Upper Body For anyone who wants to strengthen and tone their upper back and arms (while simultaneously opening their chest) in 5 minutes. No props needed for this two-part upper-body blast. Target: Triceps, Back, Posture. [...]

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3 Resistance Band Exercises For A Strong, Perky Butt

GLUTE GONE WILD You Will Need: MVMT Band MVMT Mat Grab your Band & Try these 3 Cheeky Exercises. Yes, this is a Booty Call. SHOP MVMT BAND 01 Quadruped Pulses Place MVMT-Band around your outer thighs just above your knees. Begin in a [...]

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Strength & Flow Workshop

Strength & Flow Workshop Join Sophie Ntoumenopoulos from Talking to Trees Sunday April 30th. Strength and Flow workshop Book before Friday 16th and SAVE 20% Want to know how to activate your core? To find the perfect balance between strength and stretch? This is for you.  We will be fusing the precision [...]

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MVMT mystery prop revealed

The mystery prop adding punch to the current 8-week challenge are Gliding Discs. Thought our standing series was challenging? Wait until you try out the Gliders. They may look harmless, but they really pack some punch!  SHOP GLIDERS Meet you on the Mat. xx WHY GLIDERS? My favourite exercise to do and teach is a standing exercise [...]

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Courtney Miller joins MVMT

Move with Courtney We are so excited to announce the upcoming workshops and masterclasses with the International Pilates Superstar COURTNEY MILLER. We want you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to participate in one of the most insightful, inspiration and respected master Pilates teachers in the WORLD. About Courtney: Courtney is an International Pilates Educator, Teacher [...]

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Build a bridge

Bridging is the exercise to master. When performed correctly, it will: Increase segmental spinal mobility Reduce lower back tension Lengthen the front of your of your thighs and hips Strengthen your glutes and hamstrings. ONE: GOLDEN RULE- SET UP FOR SUCCESS Start lying on your back in neutral spine: back of head, shoulders, hips and feet touch the [...]

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