Peach Perks

Join the party, your 7-day Peach Perks Challenge is here.
It’s never been easier to stay accountable!

Thought you couldn’t possibly fit one more party into December? This 7-day peach party is one you won’t want to miss! (Instead of a hangover the next morning you’re left with strong perky glutes).

Starting this Monday we challenge you with a new workout every day until Sunday. Your workouts are bite-sized so you can fit them into even your busiest day.

Holding you accountable are your MVMT trainers, who will be right there completing the Peach Perks challenge with you!

7 days will fly by and you will be strutting into the holiday period feeling all kinds of strong, fit, and peachy goodness!


  • 7 Virtual MVMT glute workouts that will leave your peach feeling its strongest ever, right in time for the holidays.
  • 1x 60-minute full-body MVMT Pilates workout to compliment your glute workouts.
  • 1x Glute stretch and release video you can use throughout the week to balance out all of that strengthening.
  • Join your MVMT trainers and community for motivation each day from Monday 7th Dec.
  • Can’t make it this week? That’s ok, as a Virtual MVMT member your 7-day Peach Perks challenge will be accessible for you to do whenever suits you!

The Peach Perks Challenge is free for Virtual MVMT Members to complete anytime. Not a Virtual MVMT Member? Sign up now!



A plan backed by action will see results.
7 days will fly by and you will be strutting into the holiday period feeling all kinds of strong, fit and full of peachy goodness!

Glutes Gone Wild
with Elise

If you want glutes in 15-minutes, you will love this. All you need is a loop and your mat. This glute super-set strategy will leave the entire peach on fire. #tightasstuesday

Elise x

Barre x Peach
with Holly

Hit your ASSets Barre style! This one serves you non stop peach perking while weaving in heart rate lifting cardio moments to keep the intensity up from start to finish!

Pump your favourite tunes and enjoy!

Booty x Nimble
with Chloe

I am very excited to share this workout! Nimble has the official launch of their new collection and I was lucky enough to collaborate and create a workout for them to share.

Nothing but pure booty goodness for you to enjoy. Let me know how you go 😍.

3 Rounds Booty
with Elise
25 Mins + 3 min stretch

OK this is fun! There are three “rounds”. 🥊 Each round builds on from the last, progressing from and preparing you for the next to ensure all the right muscles fire up effectively and efficiently.

Expect your entire seat on fire! 🎯🍑🔥

Peach 3 Ways
with Holly
30 Minutes

A fun signature MVMT 30 minute peach burner from 3 different angles with Holly and Elise. Originally filmed for All Fenix Activewear you get all of our collaborations in one spot!

Standing Booty
with Chloe
10 Minutes

A quick 10-minute standing glute series to fire up your glutes vertically! Squat and sliding galore 🙂 No better way to strengthen and tone your lower body, while really challenging your balance and coordination.

xoxo Enjoy

Tastes like Peach
with Elise
23 Minutes

Quick and Sculpty Burn. Your final booty banger! You will need a Loop and Glider. Start on the mat and finish standing with 5 moves that taste like peach.

Enjoy x

Full In-studio Experience (from home)
with Elise
60 Minutes

A full hour of Pilates power with a little extra focus on the peach. You will strengthen, lengthen and tone every inch of the body in this one. We take time to set you up so you perform the moves correctly (trust me you will feel it in all the right places!).
Layered for all levels and designed to be repeated over and over.

with Holly
23 Minutes

Balance out your buns of steel with some peach lovin’. Oh so Important to keep your glute working optimally.

Keeping you feeling strong but mobile throughout your 7-day challenge.

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September Binge

All-You-Can-Eat MVMT

Get 21 Days unlimited MVMT starting Sep 3
Includes access to 5 NEW 30 Minute Express classes
Be greedy – book first.


21-Day MVMT Binge

Unlimited classes for 21-Days starting Sep 3.

 21-Day MVMT Binge
Member Upgrade
Guest Pass


Starts: September 3 – September 24, 2018

Price: $29 (members upgrade) or $99 (guest pass)* If you have a current MVMT membership, you can upgrade for just $29. New clients or existing clients without a current membership can purchase a 3-Week Guest Pass for the period for $99 upfront.

Limited Spots: Book online or via the MVMT app.



  • Payment is required in advance. There are limited upgrades available for purchase so to avoid missing out purchase asap.
  • There are no restrictions on how many classes you attend.  Stuff yourself with as many classes as you can in the 21 day period.
  • To ensure class spots are maximised. Late cancellations or “no-shows” during the binge period carry a $10 cancellation fee. The cancellation window for the binge period is 6 hours. The late cancellation “fees” won’t be charged until the end of the binge.
  • Class sizes will be restricted and “binge passes” sold limited. Be greedy and book first.


Be Greedy, Book First. Payment via App or Mindbody Online.

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The Body – Our collab with Super Elixir

We created a 4-Part prop free workout for the 30 Day Super Elixir Challenge. Check it out.

Series 1 – Upper Body

For anyone who wants to strengthen and tone their upper back and arms (while simultaneously opening their chest) in 5 minutes. No props needed for this two-part upper-body blast. Target: Triceps, Back, Posture. Time: 7 Minutes.

Series 2 – Lower Body

A lower-body bridging sequence targeting your glutes, hamstrings and inner-thighs. You won’t need a magic circle to feel your inner-thighs in this series.  Target: Inner-thighs, Hamstrings, Glutes. Time: 5 Minutes.?Wanna make it a game?

Grab a credit card and think of a purchase you want. Now place the credit card between your inner thighs. If you can keep it there until the very last sequence where we add open/close leg movements… you deserve to make that purchase. If the credit card drops… repeat (and still buy it).


Series 3 – Core

Side planks are the exercise to do for a strong core. Moving into side-bending and rotation – is so important for spinal health. So if chiselling your waist isn’t enough – it will also build upper-body & glute strength. Take 5 Minutes to strengthen your core. Target: Everywhere. Time: 5 Minutes.

Series 4 – Standing Sculpt

You deserve Toned ?and??to go with your stronger core.  You will strengthen the buns & guns in less than 10-minutes. All you need is a wall. Target: Peach, Triceps. Time: 10 Minutes.
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3 Resistance Band Exercises For A Strong, Perky Butt


You Will Need:

Grab your Band & Try these 3 Cheeky Exercises.
Yes, this is a Booty Call.



Quadruped Pulses

  • Place MVMT-Band around your outer thighs just above your knees.
    Begin in a four-point kneeling position. Knees underneath hips and hands underneath shoulders.
  • Shoulder blades wide. Eye of the elbows face inwards. Neutral Spine.
  • Lift and Lower the shape of the leg (bent to 90 degrees*)… keeping the rest of your body stable.
  • 10 – 12 slow, controlled repetitions. Perfect on the opposite side

Targets: Erryyything. The band amplifies the hip extensors (The Glutes & Hamstrings).

*In the pic my toes are pointed (because it looks prettier)… I would normally perform with flexed foot.


Wide Bridge Lifts

  • Place MVMT band around your outer thighs just above your knees.
  • Begin lying on your back,  feet shoulder width apart and parallel. (Step feet wider to increase the challenge).
  • Knees bent, heels under knees. Arms down by your side. Neutral spine.
  • Lift & Lower Hips – simultaneously pressing knees wide into the band.
  • Complete 10 -12 Reps.

Targets: Hip Extensors (Glute Max, Hamstrings) & Hip Abductors (Glute Med, Min). 


Wide Bridging Pulses

  • Place MVMT band around your outer thighs just above your knees.
  • Begin lying on your back,  feet shoulder width apart and parallel. (Step feet wider to increase the challenge).
  • Knees bent, heels under knees. Arms down by your side. Neutral spine.
  • Lift Hips to Bridge Position. Maintain the height of the hips and pulse knees outwards into the band.
  • Perform 10-12 Pulses.

Targets:  Hip Abductors (Glute Med, Min) concentrically as you press out, and Hip Extensors (Glute Max, Hamstrings) isometrically to maintain the height. Double Win.

* Lighting up the room optional.

Want More? 

Get a sneak peak of MVMT Online.


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MVMT X WelleCo

Workout with WelleCo and The Movement Society.

The ultimate swap is here with our 6-part series collaboration with WelleCo. Let me show you why swapping your pilates ball for Nourishing Protein tins might be the swap you are looking for!


Pelvic Tilt

STEP 1: Begin lying on your back, arms by your side, knees bent. Place one heel on top of your Nourishing Protein tin and the other foot flat on the ground beside it.

STEP 2: Peel your spine up and off the ground segmentally until the weight is balanced between your shoulder blades. Roll your spine back down vertebrae-by-vertebrae to your start position.

CHALLENGE: Repeat in single leg. First, try with your leg bent at 90 degrees, then for more challenge extend the leg straight. Hello Hamstrings!


Shoulder Bridge

STEP 1: Perform each leg position peeling up and hinging up. First with the foot down, then with the leg in table top and finally with the leg extended straight to the ceiling.

STEP 2: To challenge your core. Hold your bridge position as you lower and lift the opposite leg. First start with a bent leg and then advance by straightening the leg.

CHALLENGE: Try leg circles, your goal is keeping your hips stable, square and lifted as you move.


The Teaser

STEP 1: Begin lying on your back, arms overhead and the Nourishing Protein tin behind one heel.

STEP 2: Lift your hands above your head and roll up segmentally to a tall seated position sliding the tin towards your body. Return to start position.

CHALLENGE: Bend your opposite knee or use a straight leg to hover whilst you repeat this movement. To really challenge yourself, place the tin between your feet and lift arms and legs into a teaser “V” position.


Rolling Like A Ball

STEP 1: Place the Nourishing Protein Tin between your ankles. From a tall seated position, lift your feet off the mat, scoop abdominals and creating a ‘round flexed position’. Your weight balanced just behind your sit bones.

STEP 2: Begin holding your thighs for support. Maintain the round shape of your body as roll back and fourth.

STEP 3: Increase the challenge by placing the tin behind the legs, or between the elbows and knees. To really step it up – grab a second tin and combine the two.

CHALLENGE: Straighten your legs and complete your rolling action. First try with your hands holding your ankles. Then, see if you can keep the tin between your hands and shins.


The Roll Up

STEP 1: Begin in a tall seated position with legs straight and the Super Elixir Protein Tin in your hands. Roll spine segmentally to the mat. Arc arms up and overhead. To return, lift arms up first, then continue to roll yourself back up and over towards your toes, before re-stacking back to a tall seated position.

STEP 2: Repeat with arms remaining overhead the whole time, or add a second tin under your ankles.

CHALLENGE: Once you have rolled back onto the ground, lift your legs up to a 90-degree angle, then carefully over your head to a roll over position.




Tendon Stretch

STEP 1: Begin seated with hands shoulder distance apart, fingers facing forward. The Nourishing Protein Tin should rest on the fleshy part of your calf when the leg is straight. Supporting leg bend.

STEP 2: From your seated position. Drive through your supporting heel and lift hips, heart and chest off floor so that your body creates a long diagonal. Lower back to start position.

STEP 3: Take it to the next level by rolling the tin underneath you as you move up and down.

CHALLENGE: Raise your right leg to a 90-degree angle, and straighten it as you continue to repeat the exercise.

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Strength & Flow Workshop

Strength & Flow Workshop

Join Sophie Ntoumenopoulos from Talking to Trees Sunday April 30th.

Strength and Flow workshop
Book before Friday 16th and SAVE 20%
Want to know how to activate your core? To find the perfect balance between strength and stretch? This is for you.  We will be fusing the precision of Pilates with the strength/stretch and flow of Yoga – To enhance your movement experience.
If Pilates and Yoga had a baby – it would be this workshop. 

When – Sunday 30th April,   8am – 10.30am.
Where – K2 Dance, 140 Stirling Hwy, Mosman Park.
Cost – $65  (or SAVE 20% if purchased before April 16th)

About the workshop:

Fusing the methodologies/precision of MVMT Pilates with the strength, breath and flow of Yoga, to enhance and enrich your movement experience. This Yoga and Pilates fusion workshop will focus on your core stabilising muscles, hamstrings and glutes to prepare our bodies for the key yoga postures we tackle regularly on the mat. A strong and safe approach to yoga-lates.

Learn more about Sophie.

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MVMT mystery prop revealed

The mystery prop adding punch to the current 8-week challenge are Gliding Discs. Thought our standing series was challenging? Wait until you try out the Gliders. They may look harmless, but they really pack some punch! 


Meet you on the Mat. xx



My favourite exercise to do and teach is a standing exercise on the reformer called Scooter. It is a great standing exercise to work on balance and coordination, as well as build glute, hamstring and leg strength. It teaches you how to keep your spine and pelvis square, as you move your leg in space. The reformer provided a “moving surface” in the form of a carriage, which is now replicated with the gliding discs. We start the movement holding onto a bar or chair, then challenge balance by removing the base of support as form and strength improves.

 While I wish I could, I cannot cart 15 reformers to class. The gliding discs allow for fun new variations traditionally performed on the reformer to be done on the mat. Low impact, high result movements with little impact on your joints. We are so excited for you to feel the “glider” effect.

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Courtney Miller joins MVMT

Move with Courtney

We are so excited to announce the upcoming workshops and masterclasses with the International Pilates Superstar COURTNEY MILLER. We want you to take advantage of this rare opportunity to participate in one of the most insightful, inspiration and respected master Pilates teachers in the WORLD.

About Courtney:

Courtney is an International Pilates Educator, Teacher Trainer and Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Instructor. She is a Pilates Anytime instructor, Pilates Style Cover model, ambassador for ToeSox, published fitness writer and contributor, and fitness/exercise model. Courtney develops continuing education courses for the Pilates professional incorporating unique and contemporary Pilates and fitness fusion workshops which she facilitates across the globe.

How to Book: 

Email with payment confirmation and events you are registered in. Upon receipt, you will be contacted confirming your position. To secure your position, pre-payment is required via cash or bank deposit. Details in flyer.

Download the Flyer:

MVMT Members:  View Masterclasses Flyer
Pilates Instructors Only: View Workshop Flyer

Schedule of Events:

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 1.35.14 PM

Workshop Details: (Instructors Only)

Athletic Reformer: Cardio Reformer

An advanced workshop for Pilates professionals, this course focuses on Athletic conditioning on the Pilates Reformer and introduces new variations using the Jumpboard. “Teaching to the Tempo” using music to move and motivate is also covered in this workshop. Jumpbaord variations are creatively designed to target the whole body to avoid over working the quadriceps. 

Athletic Reformer: Symmetry and Balance

A functional movement workshop focused on creating balance and symmetry for the Pilates client who is also a fitness enthusiast. Incorporating vertical, side lying, and 4 point keeling training techniques to build balance in the body front to back, left to right and top to bottom while also challenging dynamic stability. Learn how efficiently direct clients in a group class while effectively layering foundational cues and adapt programming to accommodate a variety of levels. This workshop includes new variations expanding on classical er repertoire.

Mat Fusion Flow

Amplify your Pilates Mat routine by learning new combinations and sequences focusing on continuous movement flows. Learn how to blend the best of Yoga, Fitness and Dance into your intermediate and advanced Pilates classes while incorporating light weights and small props to target, tone and challenge the whole body. 

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Build a bridge

Bridging is the exercise to master. When performed correctly, it will:

  • Increase segmental spinal mobility
  • Reduce lower back tension
  • Lengthen the front of your of your thighs and hips
  • Strengthen your glutes and hamstrings.


Start lying on your back in neutral spine: back of head, shoulders, hips and feet touch the mat. Feet parallel, hip distance apart, heels under knees. The further your feet from your seat, the more your hamstrings will tend to dominate. Arms down by your side, or at your hip bones for feedback to ensure they stay level. 


Screen Shot 2016-01-09 at 12.36.29 pm

  1. Peel up. Roll pelvis back, sending sitting bones towards the back of your knees, peeling spine up one vertebrae at a time until the weight rests just between the shoulder blades.  
  2. Articulate down one vertebrae at a time. Focus on softening through the breastbone and chest, to allowing the upper back to peel down first, then allow your mid back, lower back, and pelvis to follow.
  3. Repeat 6 – 8x or until your spine feels warm. 

Focus on each repetition as an opportunity to get more of the spine moving segmentally, gradually opening up and mobilising these rigid sections. Notice if there are certain parts of your spine that move as a block, rather than articulating independently.


  1. Pelvis Position: At the top, check the top of your pelvis (pubic bone) is higher than hip bones (ASIS) to ensure your lower back is long and hips extended.  The more you can keep the top of your hips tipping back and tailbone reaching under, the more you will encourage your hips to open (and not your lower back to arch).
  2. Create Opposition: Create a sense of opposition as you roll down, keep the pelvis high and sit bones reaching towards heels as you initiate the movement down from the top of the spine. 
  3. Balance On Your Blades: Resist lifting too high. You do not want to allow the ribcage to flare, lower back arch or place unwanted pressure in the head, neck and shoulders. Only peel up until the base of your shoulder blades or as high as lower back remains uninvolved. 
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