Introducing Holly!

Moving from Bondi to take over Bicton, we are so excited to introduce our Bicton Bombshell (and reveal the exciting things she has planned).

Hi! I’m Holly, I have been teaching for almost 20 years all over the world and have come to Bicton from sunny Bondi! I am completely obsessed with Pilates and functional movement that is fun and so good for you! I can’t wait to get started at The Movement Society!


We designed a cute little questionnaire to introduce Pilates Rockstar and our newest team member Holly.

Describe your teaching style in three words.

Motivating, educating, Dynamic.

Why Pilates?

Where do I start? First and foremost it’s Pilates that has helped me live a more pain free life. As an ex dancer I used to think that aches and pains were just part of life, Pilates has helped educate me to better understand my body and the most optimal way to move. It’s taught me to understand what my body needs and when it needs it and my clients too! I love that it is for EVERYONE! Everyone can benefit from Pilates, from elite athletes to my grandma.

Why mat Pilates/ MVMT?

Mat has always been my fave! It’s all about exploring how your body moves to find connections rather than a machine. Body weight exercises and those with all of the great small props create a free, strong, balanced body.

Was there a moment where Pilates changed your life, or was something in your own self practise pivotal to your choice to want to teach. 

After dancing for 20 years I was baffled when I discovered muscles I never knew existed in my core from Pilates. An area I had always struggled to strengthen. With that came an absolute passion for delivering that knowledge to everyone!

There are lots of Pilates studios popping up. Why MVMT? 

For me it was a no brainer. I had been to MVMT every time I was in town taking Barre teacher trainings. It was really crazy when I found out Elise has been to my classes too! I think Elise is incredibly talented, I’ve met a lot of instructors, attended classes all over the world and there is something about Elise and MVMT that is really special! I am totally sold on MVMT and Elise’s creativity combined with a continued search for knowledge is an amazing combo! It’s how I like to move and move others!

Dogs or Cats?

Dogs! I love cats too but I have been known to see dogs across the street and be caught waving to them. Haha I’m obsessed!

Favourite Prop. 

Deeeefinitely the ball! It helps me hit every. Little. Spot!

4 Words to describe your classes?

Breathe Connect burn smile.

What exciting things do you have planned with MVMT for us to look forward too?

Ummm hi Bicton! Ready to level up with Bicton and build an amazing second MVMT location. I’m obsessed with the new time table! (Elise and I spent many hours on it!) But now it’s done I kind of just want to attend all the classes? Also bringing Barre to Bicton is so exciting! Working with Elise to create a style of Barre that I hope everyone in Bicton loves! Warning though: Barre can become highly addictive xx

This is only the beginning by the way, watch this space!

Tell us more about Barre that is coming to Bicton?

Barre is all of your fave mat Pilates concepts all put into practice standing using the ballet barre to assist you to get into positions you otherwise couldn’t! It’s all about posture and length and trying to maintain that through endurance sets and intelligent cardio intervals intertwined to keep the heart rate up. It’s also really exciting for all of MVMT’s pregnant clients as not only do you barely have to modify anything it’s also pretty close to what is recommended daily for anyone pregnant which is half an hour of a mix of cardio and resistance!

Find me on the mat?

Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Friday’s in Bicton! And I will be popping up in Cott.

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    Teaching for almost 20 years, watching, understanding and encouraging movement is second nature to Holly. Arriving in Perth from sunny Bondi where she has been teaching Pilates and barre and met Elise! Holly can also be found jetting off around Australia to teach Teacher Trainings for Barre or in Bali for retreats!

    Holly’s background is in dance – growing up a sequin plastered competition kid. Studying and performing took her all over Australia, New Zealand, and the USA. She then moved onto London where her career as an instructor took off! Holly co ordinated and taught are some of London’s most sought after boutique fitness locations, fronted an international campaign as a master trainer for the activewear brand ‘Sweaty Betty’ and was a movement assistant  for Adidas shoots! Since moving to Bondi she has been a part of the Australian fitness convention three times and attended the latest Pilates Alliance Australasia conference. She has also taught for companies like Spotify and Jshealth.

    Always looking for ways to grow, continued education is a priority for Holly, she loves learning and continuing to hone her craft and cant wait to learn and grow with the team at MVMT!