APRIL 2 – JUNE 10 

Book your classes in advance at our Perth studio to create an effective and tailored routine.


Get online access to Autumn Challenge, so you can take a class, any place, anytime.


MVMT Memberships offer discounted class blocks, scheduled in advance to encourage routine, commitment and accountability. Repetition is the mother of learning and key to an effective Pilates practise.

Unlike any other fitness membership in Perth. A fixed start and end date, so we all start as a team and progress as a team.

We are all starting together April 2nd. Are you in?

  • 15% discount on online merchandise and props* excludes TTK

  • Priority access and 15% off workshops and events

  • 30% discount code to access online videos during the challenge


Commit to 10 Weeks upfront and we reward you with a discount, with options to pay upfront or fortnightly.

All classes activate April 2nd and expire June 10th.


$36 per week for 10 weeks.


$45 per week for 10 weeks.


$54 per week for 10 weeks.


Payment will unlock the Autumn classes and allow you to book your chosen classes in advance. We want our members to have priority access to our otherwise booked-out classes. Create a weekly routine by selecting the days you can commit to – a plan backed by action will see results.

Book Classes via Mindbody
Book Classes via MVMT App

Book multiple classes at once using the MVMT App or via Mindbody online.

Are there booking restrictions?
Nope, you can choose how and when you allocate your classes. Going away for a bit… double up the weeks you are back. The only rule is that the classes are used within the challenge period. Any unused classes expire at the end of the block.
Does my membership auto-renew?
Nope,  after the 10 weeks your membership expires, giving you the choice to renew each season.
What happens if I run out of classes?
Firstly, you give yourself a pat on the back. Love overachievers. If you use all of the classes in your monthly plan, no problem! Easily add more by purchasing one class at a time, or choose a 3-class or 10-class add on pack.
Do classes rollover from one challenge to the next?
Unused classes don’t roll over from one block to the next, so make sure to use all your allotted classes before your next block begins.
I need flexibility, can I attend casually?
Absolutely, we offer “1, 5 or 10 Forever Packs” – class packs that never expire – for people who want more flexibility. The challenge is for when you want priority access at a discounted rate. Purchase casual classes online or via the app.
MVMT Challenge Terms & Conditions

Autumn Challenge runs for 10-Weeks. Classes activate on April 2 and expiry June 10 2018.
Your membership will automatically expire after the 10-week duration. Associated classes are only valid for use within the Autumn 10-week Block.
Class sizes are limited. Membership grants you the ability to book to pre-book your class times in advance. Bookings can be made via our MVMT App or Mindbody online.
Choose to pay upfront or via fortnightly direct-debit instalments. The first fortnightly payment will be charged on date of sale “purchase date”. The remaining payments will be charged every 2 weeks (14 days) from date of sale via direct debit from a credit card or bank account. 
All class bookings as subject to the Movement Society Booking terms & conditions.

Reach out for more information. 

"Lots of hard-work, Lots of Laughs."

"Inclusive, Genuine & Fun" .

"I love being part of a such a positive and welcoming community."

"Totally Life Changing!"

"Inclusive, Genuine, Fun."

"I feel good about my body. I'm a morning person now!"