No Props, No Problem

Kick start your movement journey with our 5-Day no prop reset.
Struggling to motivate yourself? We’ve created a program that makes it easy to start moving again. It’s fun, full-body and created for people of all fitness levels. Designed to be repeated. The more you do it, the better it gets.
No props, means anyone can do it anytime, anywhere. No excuses needed!

The 5 Day Reset

Time poor? Busy? Not sure where to start?#MVMThasyourback.

Commit to just 20 minutes per day for this program. We promise to pack so much punch into each 20-Minute Workout. Short (but effective) workouts are one of the many wonderful perks of virtual MVMT. A 45-60 minute studio class plus travel time is sooo 2019.

You are going to find kicking workout goals so much more achievable when you join us virtually! Often the hardest part is getting started. 5 days is short enough that if you start on a Monday you will be done for the weekend and we guarantee you will be craving to keep move once you finish!

The 5 Day Reset is free for Virtual MVMT Members to complete anytime. Not a Virtual MVMT Member? Sign up now!


Get your body moving safely and effectively each day, with a short, fun workout you can do anytime, anywhere! These workouts are safe and accessible for all levels but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out via email or through our Facebook community.

We recommend blocking out time each day, as you would for a studio class, to complete your workout.
Check off the worksheet and post it to Instagram to keep yourself accountable!

30 Minute No Prop Full-body Flow
with Elise
30 Minutes

Day 1: In this full body no prop Pilates workout with Elise expect your strength work paired with melting mobility moments to give your body some love as we begin this nourishing journey! A perfectly balanced start to your 5 day reset.

Legs 360
with Holly

Sculpting tools: Mat, no props necessary! (if you have ankle weights they are a great add on of you please)

Day 2: Prepare your lower body to sizzle and burn from every angle in this 25 minute Legs 360 workout with Holly. Over oh so quick and on the mat so you still feel Energize to take on the rest of the day!

No Prop AB Flow
with Chloe

Day 3: You’re past half way! Your lower body may be a little sore after the last two days so now we focus on the upper body and core in this short and sweet 20 minute deep core workout with Chloe. The perfect benefit packed MVMT quickie you can for into your day no matter what else you have on, or even if you’re feeling a little tired today.

Booty Banger
with Elise
27 Minutes

Optional Sculpting weapon: MVMT Loop

Day 4: Almost there! This glute burner workout with Elise can be done with no props as we take things up a notch as you near closer to completing your detox and feeling amazing! Expect a few shakes and a whole lot of burn.

Full Body Sweat and Spice Pilates
with Holly
25 Minutes

Sculpting tools: Chair, mat, and a banging playlist!
Day 5: You made it! This 25-minute full body sweaty and spicy number with Holly is both fun and challenging! We always progress in layers though so you can support your body where you need and challenge it where you want! So you can finish your 5 day detox with a bang and a whole lot of those great feel-good endorphins! You deserve it!

Mobility Melody
with Elise
10 Minutes

Bonus: Feel like your body needs something a bit more gentle? Breathe a sigh of relief as Virtual MVMT guides your body into positions that bring a smile to everyone’s face.

What’s Next?

The MVMT Experience is a great program to try after this one to take yourself to the next level.